Full Skin Set

Unburden + Support



– Sensitive / Inflamed Skin / Rosacea Symptoms

– 6 Piece Collection

The Laurel Full Sets are curated slow beauty rituals that provide everything necessary to create dramatic shifts in our skin health. Each set includes a mask brush and bowl, two deluxe samples, and four full size products that have been selected by Laurel to address specific symptoms and promote vibrant skin at any age.

The Unburden + Support Full Set ritual provides an abundance of whole plant antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals as well as ample hydration and soothing barrier support. Plants like Pomegranate, Blue Chamomile, Helichrysum, Chia and Turmeric come together to assist with symptoms that stem from the burden of inflammation and stagnation. Our ritual accessories were sourced as locally and sustainably as possible, and our treatment brush and mask bowl are our gifts to you.

The Box: The Laurel gift box is handmade by our box maker, Joe. It is pressed, foiled and made of our beautiful post-consumer artisan paper.

The Bowl: Our handcrafted, ivory mask bowls showcase our colorful masks, and are made exclusively for us by Sausalito potter, Lorna Newlin.

The Brush: Our 1 1/2″ Fan treatment brushes are specifically crafted for easy application of the Laurel Skin powdered masks. The brushes have a unique dark walnut handle made from reforested land, and the bristles are vegan.

Support Cleanser: Cool Relief 100ml

Hydrating Elixir II: Support + Recover 100ml

Unburden Serum: Deep Tranquility 30ml

Gentle Mask: Hydrating Tranquility 50ml

2 Deluxe Samples: Each box will include 2 additional samples which compliment the ritual.

Refer to each individual product page below for usage instructions.

Support Cleanser

Hydrating Elixir II

Unburden Serum

Gentle Mask

The products in each full set create a complete skin care ritual, with a cleanser, hydrator, mask and moisturizer.

Refer to each individual product page below for full ingredient list.

Support Cleanser

Hydrating Elixir II

Unburden Serum

Gentle Mask

*Items listed above are what are included, not the items in the example photo.

Science Within Ritual: While slowing down to care for ourselves doesn’t often seem like a scientific tool to improve our health and appearance, it actually is. When we practice a 15 minute ritual at the closing of the day, our nervous system enters a parasympathetic state where healing is possible. We all want healthy skin – yes, we want to look vibrant and beautiful at any age – whatever that might mean to us, but really what this means is we want to look healthy. Rituals have the power to create dramatic shifts in our lives and well-being.

I put together this slow beauty ritual for you, and here is how I would use it myself – though please refer to the very specific instructions for each product – especially our Masks. Begin by prepping your Mask and allowing it to steep. Cleanse your face and include facial compressing techniques to stimulate lymph, circulation, reduce muscle tension and calm the nervous system. After Cleansing, brush the Mask onto your skin, and be sure to paint all the way down your neck. Keep the Mask hydrated and leave it on for 10-30 minutes. Remove the Mask with a warm towel and generously apply the Elixir. Apply 5 drops of Serum while your skin is still damp. Reapply Elixir, and finish with the accompanying Balms to seal in hydration and nutrients.

Throughout the process, breathe deeply. Inhale the aromatic compounds and the essences of each plant. Look at the back of the bottle, and be curious. Where do these plants come from? What is their journey like? How diverse is their mini ecosystem and how full are their lives that they now share with us? And lastly, express GRATITUDE; for Mother Earth, for the plants, for the farmers. This energy creates a ripple outward that you will get back.

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