A first-of-its-kind category, Laurel Skin Compounds are herbalist-created skin supplements; carefully formulated to replace lab-made, synthetic options with a whole plant alternative.  Used by the drop to complement our Hydrating Elixirs, each concentrated plant medicine blend targets specific skin concerns and supports symptoms of imbalance as they arise, allowing even more customization in your Laurel Skin ritual.

Our whole plant organic Compounds are rich in nutrients like botanical hyaluronic acid, B vitamins, flavonoids and vitamin C, each with its own unique combination of plant concentrations to target specific skin ailments. They are for you to reach for, intuitively and instinctively, based on the symptoms or conditions your skin is experiencing on any given day.

Compounds are by far the most complex and time-consuming products we have ever tackled at our Laurel Skin apothecary-lab. We will eventually offer a total of six Compounds, but their complexity is the reason for their limited availability and why the full assortment will take a total of three years to fully launch – after already being in research and development for an initial eight years!

Our Compounds are not recommended for reactive skin or for those who are brand new to Laurel Skin. Compounds are for those who celebrate the power of plants, preferring them over all other synthetic interventions, and are already using a Laurel Skin ritual with ease.

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