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– Dull / Uneven / Sun Damaged Skin 

– 100% Whole Plant Organic

– 6 Beneficial Active Ingredients

– 20ml

A concentrated, nutrient-packed herbal compound that brightens, resurfaces and strengthens the skin – packed into one tiny drop. Whole-plant berries and tropical fruits deliver potent antioxidants, eliminating uneven skin tone, improving texture, and gently resurfacing without stripping or weakening the skin. Radiance Compound does this by delivering the highest concentration of brightening, full-spectrum vitamin C, resurfacing AHAs, and reparative flavonoids possible. 


  • brighten dull, uneven skin tone
  • soften + smooth skin texture
  • strengthen skin’s response to the sun


Delicate layers of raw, house-made fruit infusions in Radiance Compound create a synergistic balance between whole plant vitamin C, naturally occurring enzymes + and fruit acids, and a restorative flavonoid structure. Bright, berry-red Hibiscus Calyx leads the way with three types of cold infusions capturing vitamin C, rutin, and quercetin, as well as its powerful composition of alpha hydroxy acids.  Raw Camu Camu provides the highest amount of vitamin C in the formula, brightening and softening the skin.  Superfoods Bilberry and Elderberry strengthen and replenish the skin with ferulic acid, arbutin, resveratrol, and anthocyanins – antioxidants proven to support the skin’s response to UV-induced oxidation and inflammation. Sweet and aromatic Blood Orange shines through, providing nourishing hydration while aiding in the effective delivery of these potent fruit nutrients.

A first-of-its-kind category, Laurel Skin Compounds are herbalist-created skin supplements; carefully formulated to replace lab-made synthetic options with a whole-plant alternative.  Used by the drop to complement our Hydrating Elixirs, each concentrated plant medicine blend targets specific skin concerns and supports symptoms of imbalance as they arise, allowing for even more customization in your Laurel Skin Ritual.

Hibiscus – Our house-made macerations use fresh Hibiscus calyxes to ensure maximum vitamin C presence and potency. Hibiscus contains naturally occurring AHAs and an abundance of flavonoids that support the activity of vitamin C. These synergistic phytochemicals brighten the skin and repair free radical damage.

Camu Camu – Raw, organically cultivated Camu Camu is one of the highest plant sources of vitamin C in the world and we use it in its whole-plant form to ensure it contains all of the beneficial cofactors that make ascorbic acid more effective. It is shown to support collagen production, skin brightening, and cellular repair.

Bilberry – A dark blue berry with exceptional antioxidant content. Manganese, magnesium, ferulic acid, and resveratrol provide the building blocks necessary for collagen and connective tissue.  Arbutin – a relative of hydroquinone – is a notable nutrient that suppresses overactive melanin production in the skin.

Elderberry – This tiny, inky purple berry isn’t just for the immune system. It is loaded with caffeic acid, ferulic acid and B vitamins – each bringing a soothing and strengthening note to Radiance Compound’s potent formula.

Papaya Seed – The naturally occurring enzymes in Papaya Seed are gentler exfoliators than those in the fruit. Those familiar antioxidants of ferulic acid and caffeic acid are also found in Papaya Seed, along with helpful lipids and polysaccharides for nutrient absorption.

Blood Orange – This aromatic citrus hydrosol is freshly distilled for Laurel Skin in the Pacific Northwest. Our citrus steam distillations do not contain the phytochemicals that cause photosensitivity. Blood Orange harmonizes the other fruits in Radiance Compound and provides hydration for a helpful delivery of the denser nutrients within the formula.

Full Ingredient List: Hibiscus Calyx Triple Infusion°, Camu Camu Triple Infusion°, Bilberry Double Infusion°, Elderberry Double Infusion°, Papaya Seed Single Infusion°, Blood Orange Hydrosol°, Grape Alcohol°, Flax Seed Glycerine°
˚organically grown ingredient

TO USE: Shake well before each use; for best results, empty dropper fully prior to shaking. After a generous mist of Elixir, apply 2-3 drops of Compound to damp skin. Follow with Serum and/or Balm.

Laurel Skin Compounds are to be used following a Hydrating Elixir application.

SENSITIVITY + SUNBURN:  This Compound contains whole plant alpha hydroxy acids. According to the FDA, isolated alpha hydroxy acids may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. If sensitivity to this product occurs, reduce the amount and/or frequency of use.

NOTE: We do not recommend our potent herbal Compounds for those who are brand new to Laurel Skin, but rather for those who are already using a Laurel Skin ritual with ease. Our Compounds are for those who celebrate the power of plants and prefer them over all other synthetic interventions.

Radiance Compound is not recommended for reactive or sensitive skin.

Store this product in a cool, dry and dark place. Use within 6 months of opening and by the use-by date found on the bottom of the bottle.

It’s All About the Flavonoids
Flavonoids are truly where the power lies in an herbal skincare formula. These colorful antioxidants are phytochemicals found in all plants. Their list of skin benefits is long, including strengthening collagen by cross-linking fibers, preventing enzyme oxidation and inhibiting tyrosine production – those last two playing a role in the slowing of hyperpigmentation. Within plants, these phytochemicals acts as sun protection for the plant – and therefore can help us prevent sun damage as well. On a molecular level, flavonoids have an intricate relationship with vitamin C, working synergistically with vitamin C to prevent oxidation and help with its intracellular delivery. These nutrients are all dark in color, which is something to watch for when looking for helpful flavonoids in your (hopefully) colorful skin care. Learn more about the power of flavonoids as vital brighteners in Laurel’s Journal.

Full Spectrum Vitamin C
Our preference for whole plant vitamin C – versus using isolates like ascorbic acid – preserves the full and intact phytonutrient profile of each plant. This whole-plant method ensures that the nutrients remain fresh, active, and also provides a bioavailable and effective delivery system. Lab synthesized nutrients force actions within the skin that may not be helpful or suitable, including the utilization of valuable nutrient stores and the risk of damaging the skin barrier. In Nature, the phytochemical constituents of flavonoids and vitamin C are interwoven and work in tandem to metabolize, exfoliate, and catalyze, while also rebuilding, strengthening, and replenishing the skin.

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