When it comes to exfoliation, Laurel Skin believes that less is more. Optimal skin health is achieved by building up and nourishing the skin, not through excessive or harsh exfoliation. In fact, the healthier the skin is, the less need there is to exfoliate! We recommend exfoliating gently and less frequently with products that also provide the nourishment needed to support a healthy lipid layer, microbiome, and nutrient-dense epidermis. You will notice that the longer you use Laurel Skin products, the less frequently you will feel the need to exfoliate your skin.

Each of our Exfoliants provides a gentler, more supportive style of exfoliation. We use raw fruits and honey for their natural enzyme and acid content, as well as petals, leaves and soft grains for manual exfoliation.

If you’re unsure which Laurel Skin Exfoliant is right for your skin, see our Exfoliating Deep Dive Journal.

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