When it comes to exfoliation, Laurel Skin believes that less is more. Optimal skin health is achieved by building up and nourishing the skin, not through excessive or harsh exfoliation. In fact, the healthier the skin is, the less need there is to exfoliate! We recommend exfoliating gently and less frequently with products that also provide the nourishment needed to support a healthy lipid layer, microbiome, and nutrient-dense epidermis. You will notice that the longer you use Laurel Skin products, the less frequently you will feel the need to exfoliate your skin. Another important factor to be aware of is over exfoliation, which can lead to unnatural aging by forcing cellular turn over.

Each of our Exfoliants provides a gentler, more supportive style of exfoliation. We use raw fruits and honey for their natural enzyme and acid content, as well as petals, leaves and soft grains for manual exfoliation. Exfoliating with a gentle, nourishing product minimally can be beneficial, especially during seasonal changes and when we feel our skin needs more support. Here is a guide on the two Exfoliants in our line and who they suit best:

ALMOND ROSE EXFOLIANT: HYDRATING NUTRIENTS A gentle, manual exfoliant that also doubles as an intensely hydrating and nourishing mask. Almond Rose Exfoliant is beneficial for all skin types and presenting symptoms. Beneficial for dry or dehydrated skin, flaky skin, eczema, psoriasis, perioral dermatitis, redness, rosacea, dull, ashy, lackluster, textured skin, rough, lack of firmness or elasticity, congested pores, and stagnation.

Featuring: Rose, Nettle, Marshmallow + Red Clover

HONEY BERRY MASK: ENZYMATIC GLOW An all-time Laurel fan favorite, and an easy to use at home Mask. Honey Berry Mask acts as a brightening enzymatic exfoliator, a hydrator that visibly plumps and firms skin, and an antioxidant-rich feast for an overall healthy skin glow. This mask is suitable for most skin types, except for extremely sensitive or reactive skin. Beneficial for dull skin, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin, flaky skin, breakout prone, congested skin, hyperpigmentation, and lack of firmness or elasticity.

Featuring: Raw Honey, Aronia Berry, Raspberries + Blackberries



1. Our approach is to exfoliate gently and less frequently, to provide the nourishment needed to rebuild a healthy lipid layer, microbiome, and nutrient-dense epidermis. We do this by exfoliating by only using whole, raw plants as opposed to isolated lab-made acids.

2. The harm of over exfoliating with abrasive products: as stated above, too much exfoliation can lead to premature aging. It will leave your skin more vulnerable to the sun and environmental elements, damaging both the lipid barrier and microbiome. When you over exfoliate regularly your skin will eventually seem rougher and not as soft, becoming dependent on that disruptive action and making it feel as though you need to exfoliate more frequently.

3. The secret key to using our Almond Rose Exfoliant: MORE WATER + steeping! When preparing your Almond Rose Exfoliant, don’t be nervous to add a good amount of water. The ratio should be 1/2 teaspoon Mask : 1 teaspoon water. Then, let it sit and steep for about 3-5 minutes for the Exfoliant to properly absorb all of the water and reveal it’s full potency. You will know it is ready to apply when it has the consistency of oatmeal.

Use our two Exfoliants to gently remove skin cells (that are ready to be released), while also building up, boosting, and feeding other cells.



There are so many different ways to use the Honey Berry Mask that it’s hard to choose my favorite ritual. Of all the slow beauty rituals our line embraces, our Honey Berry Mask is probably the easiest to use when there just isn’t much time for that sort of thing! I like to use it as my morning cleanser on days that my skin needs a pick-me-up. The Honey Mask doesn’t remove makeup as oils do, but it does sufficiently clean skin with its enzymatic action, which is why it’s my preference for mornings where my skin needs some extra glow. I apply to moist skin a few minutes before showering, and simply rinse off at the end of my shower. No towels needed, no mixing needed – just simple application and removal for those times when slow rituals aren’t an option. Its scent and energy brightens my day for a fresh start.

Skincare rituals can be as lengthy and in-depth, or as simple and short as you make them. The Almond Rose Exfoliant is quite versatile and can be used quickly or as a long drawn out ritual. I love to reap all the benefits possible from these superfood ingredients, so I like to carefully steep my mask for a few minutes as it turns into an oatmeal consistency. This steeping process disperses the nutrients making them even more bioavailable for my skin. I pat it onto my skin and gently exfoliate during application. I then allow it to sit on my skin for 10+ minutes, keeping it hydrated by rewetting with my fingertips if it starts to dry. Before removing, I add a bit more water and finally exfoliate more thoroughly prior to rinsing. This reveals ultra soft, hydrated, supple skin.

After reading this blog, if you are still having trouble finding the right Exfoliant for you then feel free to reach out to us. We would love to talk about your skin and assist you further.

Xo Laurel

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  1. Hi there, at first I thought the honey rose mask would be best for me, but after reading about the berry, I am unsure. I’m 57 and have some redness and some melasma. My skin is usually dry. What would you recommend? I’m currently using the night balm and an elixer and serum most nights. Thank you!

    1. Hi Stella! Thanks for your great question. It looks like you have been doing your reading and are quite educated when it comes to our plant ingredients. While the Honey Rose Spice Mask does help to even skin tone and texture, the Honey Berry Mask will provide a more potent dose of those juicy berry flavonoids to help fade discoloration. Our customer care team will reach out to you to follow up! You may always email them with specific questions at Customercare@laurelskin.com.

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