Serums are the second half of Laurel Skin’s two-step approach to moisturizing, working in tandem with our Hydrating Elixirs. While they could technically fall into the “facial oil” category, they are unlike any facial oil we have ever encountered in the industry due to our unique production process and sourcing methods. They should be considered a skin-specific treatment serum, elemental defense oil, and moisturizer all in one. Serums are what we are best known for, and countless customer testimonials are proof they are truly second to none. 

Our Serums begin as fresh whole plants delivered directly to our lab from our partnering farms. These plants then go through a proprietary three-month maceration process to ensure we are capturing the widest range of both oil and water-soluble phytonutrients. The macerations are then layered with raw, unrefined seed and nut oils that have been freshly pressed exclusively for us, creating lipid oils that have a vastly more nutritious and antioxidant-rich profile than standardized cosmetic oils. Finally, our Serum formulas are finished with a microdose of essential oils (less than 1%) to help further treat the symptoms each Serum is focused on. The microdosed essential oil goes unnoticed for most, leaving each Serum with a mildly earthy and herbal scent.

To help find the right Laurel Skin Serum for your specific skin concerns, read our Serums Deep Dive Journal.

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