“The idea of slow farmed beauty is one of mindfulness and should benefit all communities, individuals, animals, and plants along the way.” – Laurel

This collection has been in creation for years. From the beginning it was destined to be a dedication to mindfulness from seed to bottle. It has beautifully evolved into a love letter for every patch of Earth, every harvesting hand, and every recipient of these thoughtful skincare products. Each ingredient was seeded specifically for this collection and enriches not only the land, but also the community’s inhabitants.

Follow these products through a journey to each of the three Miraval Resort locations. The journey begins in Austin with a brightening Mask, continues to the Arizona desert for a refreshing Elixir and protective Serum, and gracefully concludes in the Berkshires with a rich moisturizing Balm.

This collection is the foundation for the Essence of Miraval Facial at each Miraval Resort destination. This facial is a mindfully curated ritual that combines organic plants seeded regionally and exclusively for this unparalleled treatment. We are filled with joy to be able to give you the experience of the Essence of Miraval Facial, at home, using this collection to create a step-by-step ritual.

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