Once the plants are harvested, they make their way to our Lab where we turn them into plant medicine for the skin.
- Laurel

Laurel is a ritualistic range of organic skincare, formulated with impeccably sourced, highly vibrant whole plant ingredients, picked at their peak for unmatched transparency, purity and results.

Flowers & Plants

Every single whole plant we work with is certified organic or certified Biodynamic®, and we make no exceptions. We partner with artisan farms within 100 miles of our Lab to source all of the flowers and herbs that can grow in our California climate. We begin work with our partnering farms in the Winter during seeding and continue through to harvesting season when each plant is picked at their peak of vitality. Once the plants are harvested, they make their way to our Lab where we turn them into plant medicine for the skin. Of course, we process as little as possible to maintain the freshness, purity, and vitality of each the plant. While most bulk commercial plant extracts are far removed from their source, highly chemically refined, and have a low nutrient density and vibration, our extracts are made in-house, without the use of chemicals, to preserve the integrity and efficacy of the whole plant.


Oil quality is not something often talked about by skin care companies, but this is the number one reason our products are so effective. All of the oils we use are certified organic or Biodynamic®, raw, cold pressed, unrefined, and pressed fresh for us by the farms that grow them or by artisan pressers. Our oils are richly hued and have an unmistakably fresh smell, indicators that they are pure and unrefined. Commercial oils that have been chemically refined lack these features, and contain a drastically reduced antioxidant load. Most skin care lines use chemically or physically refined oils to cut down on the natural odor, a process approved by the USDA for organic ingredients, but the tradeoff is dire. Refined oils can contain petrochemical residue and remove beneficial antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes from the final product. Laurel’s commitment is to never sacrifice efficacy for commercial gain.

Essential Oils

All essential oils are not created equal. In fact, adulteration is far too common, even in the Natural Beauty industry. Laurel uses only certified organic and Biodynamic® essential oils that have not been contaminated with pesticides or herbicides to ensure the most potent medicine for the most noticeable results. It is not just our promise, but our responsibility. A massive amount of land must be farmed to make something as concentrated as an essential oil, and we feel it would be reckless to use conventional counterparts that do not require safe and sustainable farming and harvesting methods. All of our essential oils are the highest quality possible and often distilled in incredibly small batches just for our use.


Our ingredient lists will never contain water, aloe, glycerine* or alcohol*, common ingredients that dilute or cheapen the formulas. Instead, we work with hydrosols for our hydration products; which are raw living bioactive plant waters that benefit our skin. Our Hydrosols are made by distilling fresh rain or spring water through freshly harvested plant material, and in turn, the water captures the medicinal properties of the plant. They make each formula that much more effective. Every hydrosol we use is certified organic or Biodynamic® and made exclusively for us by our artisan partnering farmers along the west coast. (*We do use both organic vegetable glycerine and biodynamic grape alcohol as mediums for some of our whole plant extractions.  If you see them on one of our labels, they will be towards the bottom list.  This is because they make up such small percentages of the formula, and are only delivery systems for plant to skin medicine.)