“On the quest for internal health we would never compromise ingredients;
our skin should be given that same opportunity to thrive.” – Laurel



Laurel_0207-01Flowers & Plants
All of our plants are grown organically or biodynamically, and within 100 miles of where we make the products. A handful of our plants we are lucky enough to grow ourselves. Small artisan farmers grow our plants as well. Our farmers love what they do and it shows in our ingredients. The plants come directly to us and we process them ourselves. Most plant ‘extracts’ used in skin care are purchased in bulk with no connection to the source. They can contain trace chemicals from the extraction process, and the quality can be subpar and unmonitored. We make all of our extracts ourself, keep them whole plant, and without the use of chemicals.

All of the oils we use are certified organic, raw, cold pressed, and unrefined. Oil quality cannot be stressed enough. Our oils have lots of color and lots of smell, that means they are pure, and not chemically refined. The refinement process drastically reduces the antioxidant content in the oils, as well as reduces the color and smell. Most skin care lines only use chemically refined oils so that your cosmetics don’t smell like food (even the USDA approves this process), but refined oils give you toxic chemical residue as well as a diluted less effective product.

Essential Oils
All essential oils are absolutely not created equal. Using certified organic essential oils is a necessity for us, because organic essential oils are more potent and powerful medicine that create more results, and they are not contaminated with pesticides or herbicides. In addition to efficacy, the farmed land mass it takes to make something as concentrated as an essential oil is quite extensive, and it would be completely irresponsible of us to use their conventional counterparts. All of our essential oils are therapeutic grade which means they are completely pure and unadulterated, which again speaks directly to their efficacy. Fragrance is also so important, but lucky for us organic, therapeutic, and pure translate into heavenly scents.

One of the most amazing things about the Laurel line is that we don’t dilute our formulas with water or alcohol. We replace water with hydrosols; which are raw living bioactive nutrients for our skin. Hydrosols are made by distilling rain water through fresh plant material, and in turn the water captures the medicinal properties of the plant. They make each formula that much more effective. Every hydrosol we use is certified organic and made by our artisan farmers along the west coast.

Emulsifiers and Preservatives
Only two of our products mix hydrosols and oils together; thus only two of our products require emulsifiers and preservatives. We are very proud of our preservative and emulsifier choices; as the art of those ingredients took us years to perfect. There are no safer options than those we have chosen. Our two cleansers are the products that require them. We chose an olive based wax in combination with organic vegetable lecithin and organic vegetable glycerine to emulsify, all of which also happen to have skin benefits. And we chose an organic whole plant citrus blend, whole plant rosemary, and an untraceable amount of naturally derived potassium sorbate. There are many ‘natural’ and ‘green’ preservative options available to formulators, but we feel very strongly that what we use is safer than any other options available.