About Laurel

the intro: I am Laurel. I am the owner, formulator, plant communicator, loving center, and driving force behind Laurel Whole Plant Organics. I am a trained herbalist and botanist, a sommelier, and a lover of spas and travel. I spend most of my time at the Laurel Studio leading our team, on the road visiting our spa partners or sourcing our ingredients, and brainstorming the creative… formulas, packaging, and dreaming about what’s to come.

the facts: A curiosity sparked by my own health journey is what initially drew me to green beauty and holistic health practices. I was moved by the power of plants and how they were able to heal so much more fully and completely than pharmaceuticals. As a fervent traveler, I often found there was void in non-toxic beauty options at the destinations I loved. I made it my life’s mission to create products that I wanted for myself: Products that harnessed the efficacy of authentic vibrant plant medicine, that were made thoughtfully by hand, and that only elevated the sacred ritual spa experience of each destination. My background as a certified sommelier and discerning nose lend themselves perfectly to my education in herbal plant studies and deep understanding of plant biology, which give me the unique ability to acutely understand each plant’s function and determine the purity of every raw ingredient. I have a passion for biodynamic farming practices as well, and it was very important to me that all our ingredients be lovingly artisan farmed as locally as possible.

the heart: I believe love is the most powerful healing tool available. I love what I do and I feel so lucky to get to share the science, efficacy, and heart of plants with others. I love my adorable spoiled dogs, my husband, and my family. I love farms, food, nature, wine and music. A trip to Big Sur in my early twenties changed my career path to the one I’m on now. My favorite days ever are spent in nature; redwoods, wild flowers, and an ocean breeze are such gifts to love. If I could make a balanced diet from French wines, French cheeses, and cold pressed green juice then I would.

About Julie

the intro: My name is Julie and I am the Director of Sales & Education at Laurel WPO. I am responsible for all aspects of our wholesale division and I am proud to be the point person for our fabulous spa, esthetician and retail partners. I have a true passion and respect for what Laurel has created and love to educate and support our partners on the best way to share this beautiful product with their customers. I feel that I have found my dream job and this is truly a gift to work with such an amazing and inspiring group of people.

the facts: I am a licensed esthetician and have been working in the spa industry for over 15 years. After working in professional theatre in New York City, I was drawn to a new career where healing and wellness was the priority. My focus on natural and organic skin care started while in esthetics school and has lead and motivated me through my career. I have been fortunate to work with, and learn from, so many who continue to lead the green beauty industry today. Most recently, I was the Spa Director at a large destination spa in Sonoma County, and it was there that I was introduced to Laurel’s products.

Instantly, I knew this was the product line I had been waiting many years for. It was very soon after experiencing Laurel WPO myself that I came to work for the company. I cannot express enough how fortunate I feel to be a part of developing and growing this very special company where purity, integrity and love drives everything we do.

the heart: I have been lucky to live and travel all over the US. I love traveling and taking the opportunity to visit our friends and family all over the country whenever possible. My husband is an organic farmer and we are so happy to live in Sonoma County, where our passion for organic and sustainable practices resonate in our work as well as our personal life. We love to cook and as vegetarians we have a passion for experimenting with new recipes and growing everything we possibly can ourselves. My husband is the love of my life and my best friend. I am so happy we are on this journey together for over 18 years now. Oh and I love our giant Maine Coon Ralphie a whole bunch too!

About Heather

the intro: My name is Heather and I am here to help guide the company to its individual version of success and oversee the goings-on of the studio. Laurel refers to me as the HR Manager or the Sheriff, depending on the day. I manage our studio team, the shipping, retail & facial departments as well as anything else that needs my attention and care. Every day looks a little different for me but my main focus is always to be sure that everything at Laurel WPO is running smoothly and efficiently.

the facts: I fell in love with the salon/spa industry over 10 years ago and haven’t looked back since. My passion for health and beauty are a perfectly balanced match in the green beauty world. I truly feel fulfilled when I am able to inspire and guide others to live their best life as the most pure and true version of themselves.

the heart: I am inspired by creativity and thrive in an environment full of positive energy. I have always been drawn to the ocean or any other body of water and feel most at peace with nature. I love to travel and submerge myself in other cultures; getting lost in the unknown and experiencing a variety of new things in life is my absolute favorite thing to do. I also enjoy baking, hiking, reading, relaxing poolside and I am always game to try something new. My true happiness comes from the time spent with my amazing family and friends; they are truly what life is all about! I am delighted to be in my current position that allows me to be a part of Laurel’s vision, dream, and creation of this fabulous company.

About Megan

the intro: Hello, I’m Megan. The in-house Holistic Esthetician at Laurel Skin Studio. Through my practice, I offer our clients a full sensory experience- one that is dedicated to full mind and body relaxation, healing, and balance. With the use of Laurel’s whole plant organic line, combined with thoughtfully selected facial massage techniques, I am able to help create a safe and wholesome space for our clients in the midst of the everyday chaos. Laurel refers to me as ‘the light’, and slowly our facials have moved well beyond just facials, but truly heartfelt healing experiences for people.

the facts: My education in beauty started in Los Angeles, where I worked as an eco makeup artist for six years. NY was also a huge part of my career during that time. In 2013, I decided to further my education by becoming a licensed Esthetician. Once I delved into this side of the beauty industry, I knew that this is where my heart belonged. I found this dream job by chance, after my recent move to San Francisco in 2015. I have continued my study since I’ve been here, and have expanded into practicing MLD, as well as my own style of energetic acceptance of our own beauty. I have always had a love for nature, green beauty, and Northern California. Therefore, I am beyond grateful that I found this position, as it aligns with my lifestyle and my beliefs in healing nature.

the heart: I love my husband, family, friends, playing and listening to music. I also love art, culture, nature, yoga, hiking, meditating, travel, and eating a healthy and balanced vegetarian and vegan diet.

About Kat

the intro: I’m Kat, the senior Studio Coordinator at the beautiful Laurel WPO studio! I help oversee our studio operations, both in wholesale and retail, Laurel team projects, and general studio function. Our staff here is amazing, and I feel privileged to get to work closely with each member to keep the studio running smoothly and efficiently!

the facts: Inner and outer beauty have a big place in my heart, and true natural health is incredibly important in my life. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from UC Berkeley in Integrative Biology, and I feel very lucky that I get to apply my science background to the green beauty field! I believe that life is a constant learning process, and I try to look for the valuable lessons in every experience, so that I can help others to be healthy and happy. I have embraced the concept of “Slow Beauty,” and truly believe that good things take time. It is worth it for your skin, body, and mental clarity to put love into your health! I feel grateful that I have a chance to share my excitement for organic and biodynamic ingredients with our customers.

the heart: I am a nature girl! I try to take advantage of everything California has to offer, from hiking Mt. Tamalpias and the Northern California coast to exploring the Sierras and the deserts of Southern California. My boyfriend is a constant shining light in my life, and inspires me to keep an open mind and an open heart. I also enjoy gardening, cooking, making beeswax candles, and taking photos. I am very excited to be working with the Laurel WPO team, and am learning every day to slow down, do it right, and enjoy!

About Michelle

the intro: Hello! I am Michelle the Social Media & Marketing Manager for Laurel Whole Plant Organics. My role as part of this beautiful team is to bring the Laurel Skincare Line and Studio to life via Social Media Platforms while also connecting with bloggers and working hand in hand with our PR team. My days are spent taking the perfect photos, working on various writing projects, starting conversations with our amazing community, making graphics and scheduling the weeks of Social Media Content.

the facts: I attended Liverpool John Moores University & Loyola Marymount University. My concentration was in Creative Writing and English Literature. I fell into the wellness world when I was 18 and found a community of people who I loved and grew with. I am currently taking Herbalism courses with the Chestnut School Of Herbal Medicine and have a love affair with organic and biodynamic farming techniques. Before I was a Social Media Manager I was a Private Vegan+ Gluten Free Chef.

the heart: I love the innate connection that exists between all people, I love to hear stories and tell stories, I love laughter and rush of emotions that overwhelm me when I am surrounded by those I love. I am married to a wonderful man who has been my other half since we were 16 years old. I love to give back in every way possible, I feel as though I was meant to serve others in this life, I have been given more than so many and have always felt compelled to create change and justice with all that I have. If I am not in the kitchen or the garden I most likely buried in a book or at the barn riding. I love working with this magnificent company that prides itself on sustainability and organic practices. Living in alignment with nature is the future.

About Chelsea

the intro: I’m Chelsea, a Studio Coordinator at the Laurel Studio. I spend my days project managing for our studio team and gathering our house made products and then lovingly packing them up and sending them out into the world to our various wonderful retailers and customers. It is my mission to ensure that each of our orders large and small make it to their new home safe and sound and ready to be enjoyed and relished!

the facts: My obsession with skin care began when I was a teenager, and grew as I continued my education and became a licensed esthetician. That is where my love of green beauty began. Over the last several years I have made it a point to make my home eco-friendly and green; from cleaning products to skin care, to the meals I cook. I truly believe in the healing power of plants, and have seen them work wonders not only internally but also externally. I am so excited and honored to be a part of the Laurel team during such a pivotal time in the world of green beauty!

the heart: When I am not at our sunny Sausalito studio I thrive on spending time with my wonderful husband, Jake and our sweet pup, Patsy. I make a point to get outside on a hike at least 2-3 times a week, and am always looking to fit in more yoga! I am a bonafide coffee-addict, who loves reading and cannot believe I got by so long without my Laurel Elixir and Healing Balm!

About Shelby

the intro: My name is Shelby and I am a Studio Assistant and Customer Care Specialist here at Laurel WPO. I am here to support this wonderful team and to wrap up each day as a success. Working in our retail space and answering each email at Laurel WPO, I assist our customers in finding a product fitting for their needs. Around the Laurel WPO office and studio I am there to offer my support to the sales team, the shipping team, and production; whomever needs me the most that day; and to make each project achievable.

the facts: Green Beauty is a new love of mine. Though I have had the wonderful experience of growing up in an eco-conscious home and have continued to practice this awareness to this day, I have recently learned that green beauty is an amazing opportunity for personal growth and passion. My first love is sales and working directly with customers. Most importantly working with passionate and exceptional designers of their craft. I love sharing my knowledge of a product and giving each customer the gift of knowing the magic behind it all. There is an opportunity for me to do this here at Laurel WPO on a much larger scale and to educate and inspire customers on the beauty of knowing what goes into your beauty products.

the heart: I love doing things that quite simply bring me joy and that I find joy in. I am continuously inspired by the beautiful people that I am surrounded by and I am passionate about sharing loving and good-natured experiences such as: Cooking, dancing, learning, and sharing to name a few. I find so much happiness in being able to connect with and revisit my roots in magical West Marin. This is where my heart will forever be no matter where this life may take me.

About Summer

the intro: I’m Summer, and I am a senior Herbal Production Assistant at Laurel WPO. I am the one on our team that knows how to make almost every formula in our line, so you can almost always find me in a lab coat in the production area. I work directly in assisting Laurel with making and bottling products as well as preparing our specialty in house blends.

the facts: The importance placed on organic and locally sourced ingredients is what led me to work here at Laurel. With a background in organic vegetable production I can feel proud contributing to a company that emphasizes organic ingredients. I love working directly with herbal medicines and came to appreciate plant medicines because of my passion for California native plants. I hold a degree in Cultural Anthropology from California State University Long Beach, which I hope to expand into ethnobotany and continue to learn about the power of plant medicines. Working at Laurel gives me an opportunity to contribute in making the products while learning more and more everyday about how our ingredients combine to make effective products.

the heart: Growing my knowledge of a more healthy lifestyle- mind, body and soul- is important in everything I do. I love meditating, eating healthy and having philosophical conversations with friends. I enjoy exploring the more wild parts of California and identifying and appreciating the plants I find along the way. I’m happy to be a part of a company that shares my vision of a healthier world.