Who are we? Some of us are slow-farming advocates and herbalists. Some of us are fans of crystals and star gazing. Some of us love number-crunching and community-building. We are estheticians, environmentalists, artists, gardeners, formulators, and friends.

The Laurel Barn is in Petaluma, California, but our team comes from far and wide. We each bring our own heart to everything we do, from processing herbs by hand, to bottling every drop, to writing personal notes for every order. Heather, our Director of Operations, oversees each department, lovingly keeping wheels moving and communication flowing. Our entire team makes it possible to keep Laurel creating and formulating, and Eric plotting our future farm.

Production Team

Our Production Team is the first to receive each plant from our artisans and farmers, and their skilled hands work to grind, dry, mix, stir, and lovingly hand-pour each product. Hailey, Jasmine, Renee, Rebecca and Sonja love to rotate who plays DJ in the Laurel Lab, and are led by our Production Manager, Sunny. This team keeps our cabinets stocked with fresh product every day, maintains our strict standards in the Laurel Lab, and pays attention to even the smallest detail while making our products, including hand-pouring our samples. 

Shipping team

Our Wholesale Shipping Team makes sure your favorite holistic estheticians have stocked shelves and whole plant products in their treatment rooms. AlexsandraJanice, and Paula, are meticulous about each and every order. They make sure our slow farmed skincare products are thoughtfully wrapped with love before they leave our Barn doors. This team is led by our Wholesale Shipping Manager, Fabi. From polishing and labeling each bottle, to stamping every box and bag by hand, this team is as detailed oriented as they are caring. 

Customer Care Team

Our Customer Care team is here for you— on the phone, on social media, and over email— to help you choose the right products for your unique skin. They’ll tell you just how long you should keep your mask on for, let you know when to add a balm, and make sure you’ve heard of honey tapping. Erin, Shawn, and Sarah show you their love in the handwritten notes and personally selected samples included with each order. Megan stays in touch with you on Instagram and loves answering your questions.

Partnership + Education Team

Our team of Partnership + Education Managers, Marie and Alison are dedicated to supporting our amazing group of partner estheticians, spas, and shops. From comprehensive trainings for every partner who carries our line, to educational events for spas and hotels, to training every team member here at Laurel Skin – this team cares deeply about our products and our mission. Led by Andrea, our Director of Sales + Marketing, this team is full of so much heart and pride for the products we make and the community we are so honored to be a part of. 

Are you looking to join our team? Email us, we are growing.