A primary difference in our approach to cleansing versus a more conventional or commercial skin care brand is that none of the Laurel Skin Cleansers foam. All foaming cleansers – no matter how gentle or plant-based – can negatively affect skin’s lipid barrier and microbiome. Having a well-established lipid barrier and diverse skin flora are key to skin health, helping to protect from the elements, inflammation, transepidermal water loss, and microbial imbalances.

It is impossible for the lipid barrier and microbiome to replenish themselves fully when foaming cleansers are used daily. The squeaky-clean feeling left behind after using them is the absence of your skin’s natural and beneficial lipid barrier. Each of our four Cleansers remove makeup, sunscreen, and daily pollutants, all while supporting skin’s natural lipid barrier and microbiome. The transition when just starting out with the Laurel line is often dependent on how much barrier and microbiome damage needs to be restored from the start.

If you’re unsure which Laurel Skin Cleanser is right for your skin, see our Cleansers At-a-Glance Journal.

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