At Laurel Skin, the biggest difference you will notice in our Cleansers is that they are intentionally non-foaming. Foaming cleansers can remove our skin’s lipid barrier and beneficial skin flora; both of which protect us from the elements, inflammation, and transepidermal water loss. It is impossible for our lipid barrier and microbiome to replenish themselves fully when using foaming cleansers daily. Having a well established lipid barrier and a diverse, unique microbiome are key to optimal skin health and are the goals of our Cleansers.

EFFORTLESS CLEANSER: RADIANT GLOW – Our best selling, daily-use, hydrating cream cleanser for normal, dry or sensitive skin.

Featuring: Rose, Calendula, Raw Honey + Myrrh

SUPPORT CLEANSER: COOL RELIEF – A refreshing, cooling, daily-use cleanser for congested, breakout prone or inflamed skin.

Featuring: Chamomile, Calendula, Licorice + Raw Honey

OIL CLEANSER: DEEP CLARITY – An aromatic experience and deep cleansing ritual for normal or combination skin to use 1-3x per week. This Cleanser is not our best fit for sensitive or reactive skin.

Featuring: Rosemary, Tamanu, Green Mandarin + Turmeric

ESSENTIAL LIPIDS: DELICATE BARRIER – A multi-use oil cleanser and moisturizer for damaged barriers, highly reactive skin, or skin in healing crisis.

Featuring: Calendula, Jojoba, Chia Seed + Pomegranate Seed Oil

USAGE – For the best results with your Laurel Skin Cleansers, make sure you are using them as instructed. They all require gentle, warm cloth removal.

All four of our Cleansers support the skin’s natural lipid barrier and microbiome, which help keep skin vibrant and healthy at any age. After reading this, if you are still having trouble finding the right Cleanser for you, feel free to reach out to our customer care team. We would love to talk about your skin and assist you further.

xo Laurel

4 responses to “CLEANSERS: AT A GLANCE

  1. I am 62 years old with dry aging skin and wrinkles.
    I cleanse my makeup off each night. Which is the best cleanser for me? I’ve been using the essential lipids.

    Which is the best serum and balm and what is the best daily moisturizer to put in under my makeup? Thanks

    1. Hi Cristina, Essential Lipids is a great fit for make-up removal and cleansing each night. The Effortless Cleanser would also be a good fit for you.
      Antioxidant Serum and Day Balm are likely the best for your skin and what you are describing. Feel free to email us for a more detailed skin consult. Thank you!

  2. Hi Team Laurel:Do you suggest cleansing with one of your cleansers day and night? I hear some people in the holistic skincare world saying only wash at night they don’t believe in washing in the AM. I hear others saying morning and night. This camp thinks that we are detoxing while we sleep so we should cleanse in the AM to get those things off our skin in the AM. I’m a drier skin. Would love to know your thoughts. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kristen, the answer depends on the cleanser! Many conventional cleansers are varying degrees of disruptive and overusing them leaves the skin vulnerable too often. If you are using a Laurel Skin cleanser or another microbiome-friendly cleanser like an oil cleanser, then it’s okay and, in most cases, helpful, to cleanse in the morning to remove the residual product that you applied the night before and any debris, dead skin and sebum that is present. Cleansing before you re-apply your skincare, whether it’s in the evening or the morning, is important for product penetration and efficacy. Now, if you are using a cleanser that is stripping your skin and disrupting your acid mantel, it’s better to just rinse your skin with water and a warm cloth. Hope this was helpful! If you need personalized guidance, email our Customer Care team, they’f be happy to assist you! Customercare@laurelskin.com. Thank you!

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