“Sourcing determines how effective a formula will be and the carbon footprint we have on our planet. Sourcing defines who we are as a company, and in many ways defines who I am as a human being – I can’t imagine anything more important to both the heart and science of our formulas than sourcing.“
– Laurel

Headquartered in Petaluma, north of the San Francisco California Bay, Laurel’s Lab sits nestled in the historic downtown.
With several organic and Biodynamic® farms within 100 miles of her Lab, Laurel’s namesake line captures California’s hearty terrain and natural abundance in each and every bottle. 
In the practice and disciple of mindfully sourced beauty, Laurel relies on her own manufacturing and production capabilities.


It starts with the seed.

In the Winter, Laurel meets with their partnering farms to discuss how much plant material they project for the year ahead. With over 150 plants in the line, this is no small feat, and under or over-projecting can mean significant loss for both farm and brand. Luckily, because many farms are local to the Bay Area, Laurel meets on their land to cultivate close relationships and develop a clear understanding of the conditions, capacity, and culture of the farm. For the few ingredients that thrive in tropical climates, Laurel sources from overseas and is in constant communication with the growers and artisan purveyors throughout the growing season.

After harvesting the plants, the materials arrive to Laurel’s Lab in raw form and are lovingly assessed. Laurel’s sommelier nose is the true test for each and every ingredient that enters the Lab. With skill and swiftness, she can decipher the year of harvest, harvesting conditions, storing conditions, processing conditions, and of course adulteration, with just one whiff.

Other than its odor, a telltale sign of purity and quality is color. While cosmetic suppliers offer botanical extracts that are clear or white, indicating a lack of antioxidant potency, Laurel’s ingredients produce a rich palette of vibrant hues. Their unwavering commitment to purity and quality ensures that pre-preserved, chemically refined, or otherwise compromised ingredients are unwelcome in Laurel’s Lab.

As plant materials are exposed to light, heat, and oxygen, the antioxidants within them begin to turn into free radicals, thus losing potency. This degradation process is inevitable for all plant ingredients, but the degree to which these materials maintain their integrity through strict quality control is what sets Laurel apart. This is often overlooked or under-regulated by cosmetic suppliers and product manufacturers. Laurel’s in-house manufacturing guarantees the most stringent oversight to ensure the freshest, most efficacious products for your skin.