Elements of sensory and energetic experiences are provided by Laurel Skin’s Body Oils and Anointing Oil, inspiring ritual and self-care. The fragrance provided by essential oils goes directly to our pituitary gland and has an instant calming effect on our nervous system. Our Body Oils and Anointing Oil include house made gemstone essences to capture the energetic balancing qualities of crystals such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, and many others.

Our Body Oils are unique in that they function more like body serums, checking the boxes of moisturizer, skin repair treatment, and elemental protection oil all in one. Conventional body lotions contain an average of 80% water – along with stabilizers, emulsifiers, and preservatives – making the actual percentage of beneficial ingredients often less than 10%. Those percentages are helpful to consider when determining how much Body Oil to use; we recommend about 1/5 of what you would use for a lotion or cream. Our body care formulas eliminate all that your skin doesn’t need and only provide what is going to improve its health and vitality.

Pro-Tip: Apply Body Oil to damp skin after showering for quick absorption and to maximize the skin nourishing benefits. 

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