California Body Oil

Bare Heart



– All Skin Types

– 100% Whole Plant Organic

– 20 Beneficial Active Ingredients

– 100ml

restore, support lymph, inspire self-love, nourish

Our California Body Oil is a body serum and moisturizer packed with nutrients and antioxidants to promote radiant skin health. It contains raw, rich plant oils to regenerate the skin, and plants with an affinity for lymph and circulatory movement. Those attributes mean that this oil helps reduce stagnation, making room for the vital nourishment it is providing.

The ingredients in this oil capture the essence of California in every way, with an emphasis on raw seed and nut oils grown and pressed here, such as Olive, Almond, Sunflower and Avocado. Each of these unrefined oils is pressed fresh for Laurel Skin, to maintain their full phytonutrient profile and antioxidant viability. The aromatic essential oils reflect the scents of our home state, with a nod to dense forests and ocean bluffs, alongside vast fruit and floral farmlands. Artisan distilled Douglas Fir, Black Spruce, Orange Blossom and Rose come together bringing in notes of wood, earth, citrus and floral. The California Body Oil includes a house made Gem Essence of Rose Quartz and Herkimer Diamond, created to promote self-acceptance and self-love.


Olive Oil – This Northern California plant is farmer grown and farmer pressed and then sent straight to us. It is raw and unrefined; which in the language of Olives that means extra, extra virgin. It has an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants to soften and strengthen our skin’s ability to handle oxidative stress.

White Rose – Our Organic White Rose essential oil is gentle and soothing to the skin, while deeply supportive to connective tissue. Rose reduces the appearance of fine lines and is a powerful free radical scavenger.

Vetiver – This earthy essential oil is grounding and deeply connected to our Earth and root chakra. The scent is unmistakable, creating a sense of calm and peace.

Almond Oil – Our California Almond Oil is pressed fresh to order for us. There is a lot of misinformation regarding nut oils and PUFAs, which does not apply to raw, unrefined oils that contain an entirely different set of phytonutrients. Since our Almond Oil is so incredibly fresh, and contains the nut’s full balanced nutrient profile, it is a soothing anti-inflammatory and a potent antioxidant.

Cedarwood – The scent of this woodsy essential oil is reminiscent of Northern California Redwood-filled hiking trails. It is a mild circulatory and lymphatic stimulant, bringing fresh nutrients and life to skin.

Full Ingredient List: Olive Oil°, Almond Oil°, Sunflower Seed Oil°, Red Raspberry Seed Oil°, Evening Primrose Oil°, Avocado Oil°, Red Grape Seed Oil°, Jojoba Oil°, Rosemary Extract°; Essential Oils of Sweet Orange°, Rose°, Sandalwood°, Orange Blossom Enfleurage°, Silver Fir°, Black Spruce°, Vetiver°, Cedarwood Atlas°, Rose Geranium°, Petitgrain Sur Fleurs°, White Rose°; Gem Essences of Rose Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, and Hematite
˚organically grown ingredient

Apply a small amount of California Body Oil to the skin at any time. For best absorption, apply to damp skin after bathing or showering.

Use within 6 months of opening and by the recommended use-by date, which is found on the bottom of the bottle. Store this product in a cool, dry and dark place.

* This product contains a higher percentage of essential oils than our facial products. Depending on one’s own comfort level with essential oil usage, it is good to keep in mind that high levels of most essential oils are often not recommended during pregnancy.

My Bare Heart

I bottled California for you.

I used to live in LA. I often needed a break from the city and would drive to Sequoia National Park once a month or so just to be in the peaceful existence of those forest giants. I can still feel the soft layer of needles beneath my feet on hiking trails, and the smell when the sun would hit those upper branches.

One trip, I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway instead. When I got to Big Sur my life changed in an instant. The coastal redwoods and wildflowers, the steep ocean bluffs – and along the way the vibrant farms and the people who tend them with their hearts and hands.

I kept driving, and when I crossed the Golden Gate into the stunning Marin Headlands, the fog was rolling in over a dense, lush coniferous forest and hills of vibrant green grass. It was magic. I moved just a few weeks later – just miles from where I saw that fog roll in.

California Body Oil is my ‘Bare Heart’.

I left one life behind to follow my heart and my senses to become a sommelier, an herbalist, a gardener – and eventually a skin-specific herbalist, tying all my passions into one. This bottle holds my love for farms, gardens, ocean, minerals and forest.

This product was birthed in transition. Create a life you love that supports and nourishes your body. Love and accept that body through the full journey of life.

xo Laurel

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