Petal Pecan Mask

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– Normal / Dry Skin

– 100% Whole Plant Organic

– 21 Beneficial Active Ingredients

A hydrating, brightening, moisturizing mask that visibly plumps, firms, and renews.

Austin’s Petal Pecan Mask is a representation of plentiful Texas farmlands, an opulent bounty of Peaches and Pecans. Beloved native plants like Yaupon and Pink Primrose Flower are layered in with depth and subtlety. This mask includes some raw Honey from Miraval Austin’s own Cypress Creek Farm – where bees are treated with love and ethical care. Each Calendula flower and Lemon Balm leaf is hand-harvested by Herban Austin Farm. The Petal Pecan Mask ingredients are regionally sourced to the Miraval Austin property and were all harvested exclusively for Laurel Skin, from seed to bottle.

The Petal Pecan Mask has a beautifully balanced humectant and lipid combination with Honey and Pecans, making it both hydrating and moisturizing, with a plumping, softening, and dewy effect. It has active enzymes from raw Peaches and warming herbs like Tulsi, Turmeric, and Ginger for an immediate brightening glow. It has soothing and regenerative flowers like Calendula and Chamomile to help build and strengthen tissues and grounds with a hint of Vanilla and Vetiver.

The Petal Pecan Mask is the Mindful Ritual Step 1 in this collection.

Limited Quantities Available

Honey – Some of our single farm, raw, wildflower Honey for this product comes directly from Miraval Austin’s own Cypress Creek Farm. Raw Honey is incredibly hydrating, and visibly plumps and firms the skin. It has gentle enzymatic action that works to turn over cells in a non-forceful way. Raw Honey is also an excellent choice for microbiome imbalances by inhibiting the overgrowth of harmful bacteria colonies, while encouraging beneficial flora diversity.

Pecans – Supporting small family farmers, Austin-sourced raw Pecans nourish, moisturize, and soften skin with their healthy lipids and high vitamin E content. They also smell delicious!

Peaches – The inclusion of aromatic ripe Austin-grown peaches take this Mask’s enzymatic cleansing and brightening up a notch. Peaches are cooling, strengthening, and filled with vitamin C, flavonoids, and helpful fruit acids.

Calendula – Our vibrant Calendula is farmed and harvested mindfully for Laurel Skin by Herban Austin. Calendula is deeply restorative and healing on a cellular level. It is excellent for scarring and all forms of skin damage.

Pink Primrose – Freshly harvested delicate pink petals are sourced by Herban Austin. These beauties help to soothe and calm the skin, and they can be found all throughout Austin in the Spring and Summer months.

Full Ingredient List: Raw Honey˚, Pecans˚, Peaches˚, Pink Primrose Flower* + Seed˚, Chamomile˚, Calendula˚, Lemon Balm Leaf˚, Milky Oats˚, Mullein˚, Yaupon*, Tulsi˚, Turmeric˚, Moringa˚, Chickweed˚, Ginger˚, Monarda˚, Prickly Ash*, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil˚, Sweet Orange˚, Vetiver˚, Vanilla˚

˚organically grown ingredient
*regionally and ethically wildcrafted ingredient

Number of Austin regionally grown ingredients: 17
Number of small farms + artisans supported: 6

*Wildcrafting is not a term that you see used often at Laurel Skin. In the commercial beauty and health industries wildcrafting or wild-harvesting can put a strain on the environment, animal habitats, and Indigenous communities. Laurel Skin does not condone wildcrafting plants on Indigenous lands unless it only and directly financially supports the Indigenous folks doing the harvesting. Laurel Skin does not condone any scale of wildcrafting that may bring harm to the micro-ecosystems of a particular area. This is especially seen in the essential oil and supplement industries, and we genuinely wish for that type of wildcrafting to come to an end. That said, some of the herbs (not essential oils) for the collection made exclusively for Miraval were ethically and mindfully wildcrafted in small and limited amounts by herbalists local to their regions. The amount we could harvest actually determined how much product we were able to create, and that is weather and yield dependent. Especially with the desert plants, we wanted to utilize these plants which were native and abundant to the desert region. These medicinal plants are not farmed or cultivated. None of these plants were harvested on Indigenous lands, and all were harvested on privately or publicly owned lands where each plant is abundant or even invasive and not at all at-risk. This responsibility is something Laurel personally takes very seriously, and we do not encourage wildcrafting for those who do not have this level of awareness around this global sourcing concern.

Ritual Step 1 – Scoop out 1 teaspoon of Mask and place in fingers. Allow the warmth of your fingers to soften the Honey. When the Mask begins to soften and melt into your fingers, gently press the Mask onto your dry face. This pressing and releasing is actually called ‘Honey Tapping’, which can also help stimulate your lymphatic system, circulation, and gently exfoliate. As the Mask gets softer, you can gently spread it onto your dry skin. Adding a bit of water to your fingers will allow for a smooth facial massage. We recommend massaging for several minutes if you have time, and keep adding water as needed. The water helps to breakdown the Honey as well as the other herbs in the Mask, activating them and unlocking the Mask’s full potential. Once the water has been added to your skin, leave the Mask on for 10-30 minutes and gently remove with warm cloth. Follow with the rest of this collection.

Use within 6 months of opening and within 12 months of manufacture date on the bottom of the jar. Keep jar dry to prevent spoilage.

Austin Sourcing Story

“When I first started looking for an organic herb farm within 50 miles of Austin, TX, I got discouraged because I couldn’t find one. After so much searching, I concluded that it didn’t exist. I finally found Nicole, a Doctor, herbalist, and acupuncturist, through a Craigslist ad as she was looking for help for her upcoming organic herb farm, which didn’t have a website or seeds in the ground yet. I reached out to Nicole and asked her to meet with me on my next trip to Texas. Nicole was an absolute match for this project in every way, and was eager to hit the ground running to grow for us. Her business Herban Austin, is now a successful organic herb growing operation, providing medicinal herbs for the Austin community.

Our trip to Austin also included an in-depth overview of Miraval’s own Cypress Creek Farm, to see what plants thrived there naturally. Milky Oats, Monarda, and Chickweed were inspired by what grew abundantly on the farm. Eric and I also hit up every farmers’ market that we could on that first trip! We found many farms offered Yaupon, a native leaf used as an antioxidant rich tea. Of course, Pecans and Peaches were also abundant in the Austin region. Meeting with different farmers and learning what plants grew effortlessly there is what created this product from start to finish. The ingredients spoke to me loudly, and I simply got out of the way.”

– Laurel