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Years in the making, this skincare collection made exclusively for Miraval is a dedication to the process of seed to bottle. It is a love letter to every patch of Earth, every harvesting hand, and each recipient of these thoughtful skincare products. It is slow farmed beauty at its finest.

Every detail of this collaboration has been inspired by the mindfulness of Miraval, embracing life in the present moment with conscious intersection of mind, body, and spirit. These products take us on a journey to the three Miraval Resort locations; beginning in Austin with a brightening Mask, into the Arizona desert for a refreshing Elixir and protective Serum, and finishing in the Berkshires with a rich moisturizing Balm.

This collection is the foundation for the Essence of Miraval Facial at each Miraval Resort destination. Thoughtfully curated beauty rituals combine with organic plants seeded regionally and exclusively for this unparalleled treatment. Experience the Essence of Miraval Facial, at home, with the entire collection:

Ritual Step 1 – Petal Pecan Mask | 50ml

Ritual Step 2 – Honeysuckle Sage Elixir I 100ml

Ritual Step 3 – Wolfberry Chia Serum | 30ml

Ritual Step 4 – Tulsi Rose Balm | 30ml

Handmade Pressed + Foiled Artisan Gift Box

Step-by-Step Guided Skin Ritual

Limited Quantities Available

Refer to each individual product page below for usage instructions.

Petal Pecan Mask

Honeysuckle Sage Elixir

Wolfberry Chia Serum

Tulsi Rose Balm

Refer to each individual product page below for full ingredient list.

Petal Pecan Mask

Honeysuckle Sage Elixir

Wolfberry Chia Serum

Tulsi Rose Balm

The idea of slow beauty is one of mindfulness and should benefit all communities, individuals, animals, and plants along the way.

“Inspiration for this collection began in January of 2018, during a personal immersion trip to Miraval Arizona. From the very beginning I had the desire to fully embody the mindfulness and spirit of Miraval with this collection. It was essential to me that the sourcing for this collection be of the highest integrity and in service to the Earth in every way. I wanted each product to reflect the region where it was coming from: Arizona, Austin and the Berkshires. I wanted the products to promote small family farming, regenerative farming, and have a positive ripple effect on the communities and ecosystems in these regions. These desires were my starting point.

Immediately after my Miraval immersion, I began ingredient sourcing. I met with farmers at Miraval Austin to asses what would grow well on their own Cypress Creek Farm and visited local farmer’s markets throughout the area to meet the farmers and learn what agriculture thrives in Austin. After several months, it was time to take the ingredients back to the lab to start creating and see what would take shape. In the winter of 2018, the first product of the collection, Petal Pecan Mask, was ready to be introduced to Miraval Austin. I love that every ingredient in our Petal Pecan Mask comes together to make the skin feel as vibrant and alive as the ingredients themselves. Dewy glowing honey, bright juicy peaches, buttery smooth pecans, the skin perks with aliveness with this first step of our mindful beauty ritual.

In early 2019 I began researching agriculture in the Berkshires region. I traveled to the Berkshires in June seeking the same inspiration from the spa team and several farmers from around the state. For the next several months, ingredients for the Tulsi Rose Balm began arriving to our lab for product development and testing. The Tulsi Rose Balm officially launched in July 2020 when Miraval Berkshires opened their doors. Because this product is so supportive to lymph and circulatory movement, especially in the neck and chest, I enjoy it as an extended bedtime massage before I drift off to sleep. The scents in this Balm not only soothe my muscles and steady my breathing, but they also transport me straight to the hillsides of the Berkshires.

The journey for the Miraval Arizona products began in late 2019. In the fall, I spent time on the Arizona property fully immersing myself and getting acquainted with the desert plants that live there. The next step was collaborating with Arizona herbalists, farmers, and distillers in order to only include the most exceptional ingredients in these formulas. In the summer of 2020, I spent two months immersing myself in the desert, fine tuning the formulas and listening to the desert plants. The Honeysuckle Sage Elixir was inspired by the warm desert after a cool rain; life is left refreshed as the scent of nectar lingers in the air. The Wolfberry Chia Serum fully embraces the Miraval Arizona surroundings, as many of these native plants can be found throughout the diverse landscape. I love that desert plants are so resilient and able to thrive in the sunny and dry conditions of that landscape. I love even more experiencing that same deep support against environmental damage from these plants within both our Honeysuckle Sage Elixir and Wolfberry Chia Serum. Knowing these desert plants are with me is as soothing and refreshing to my soul as it is to my skin.”

– Laurel