Why do you need an Elixir?
With this post we want to highlight a product that we feel is often misunderstood and even overlooked: Facial Elixirs. We call them Facial Elixirs, but they’re also known as hydrators or facial mists. While most consumers understand the importance of products like cleansers, serums, and balms as necessities in their daily regimens, far too often we hear from people who aren’t using any type of facial mist. For some, facial mists seem like more of a feel-good product versus an essential component of a skincare regimen. While there are certainly types of facial mists out there that may fall into the feel-good category, our facial elixirs are so much more and are crucial for optimal skin health.

More than just a feel-good luxury, our Facial Elixirs are nutrient-rich hydrators. By combining a water or hydrosol-based product (like our Elixirs) with an oil-based product (like our Serums + Balms), you are providing the skin the essential building blocks it needs to be healthy. All plants contain antioxidants, vitamins and micronutrients that are either water or oil soluble, thus by providing your skin both plant waters and plant oils you are feeding your skin in a way that ensures you get everything your skin needs. We believe it is essential to use both a hydrator AND a moisturizer in your daily regimen.

Struggling with dry skin?
We often hear from customers that they still feel like their skin is dry, even when using both a Serum and Balm daily. The first question we always ask is if they are using an Elixir. In nearly every case, the answer is no. Adding in, or increasing your use of a Facial Elixir, will help restore proper hydration and balance to your skin, a crucial step to achieving optimal skin health. Your skin needs both hydration AND moisture. If your skin is feeling dehydrated, use more Elixir! We often joke that you can never have enough Elixir, so we recommend using your Facial Elixir as generously as you’d like. You can apply just once as part of your regimen, or you can apply multiple times before, between, and after Serum and Balm.  In dryer climates or cold weather, this is particularly helpful!

What makes our Elixirs different? 
The ingredients! We consider the new formulation of our Elixirs more like hydrating serums as opposed to mists.  Many facial mists out there are mostly just water, aloe or a single hydrosol. Not our Elixirs! You won’t find water or even aloe in our hydrating elixirs; instead, you’ll discover a blend of single-farmed nutrient-rich hydrosols and house made whole plant extracts.

Our hydrosols are made exclusively for us by master distillers to ensure they retain as many nutrients as possible. We love hydrosols because they are the most gentle and nutritive form of plant medicine. You’ll find Rose, Calendula, Rose Geranium, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Lemon Balm, Lavender, German Chamomile, and Orange Blossom Hydrosols in our Elixirs – all distilled just for us by our partnering farms!

Our Facial Elixirs also contain house made whole plant extracts, and this is really where they become more like hydrating serums. This ensures they are full of bioavailable antioxidants and vitamins to plump and restore or soothe and calm the skin while delivering immediate hydration.  They contain plants that contain phytochemicals such as Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, polysaccharides, botanical versions of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin D, B Vitamins (including Niacin), resveratrol, enzymes, and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Hydrating Elixir I: Phytonutrient Replenish
Our Hydrating Elixir I is suitable for all skin types, but is best for dry, dehydrated skin with a focus on aging vibrantly. It plumps and firms the skin while building and supporting the connective tissue while deeply hydrating. You’ll find ingredients like Rose, Reishi, Marshmallow, Frankincense, and Sandalwood – all great during the cold winter months.

Hydrating Elixir II: Support + Recover
The Hydrating Elixir II is one of our go-to products to support overall skin health. It offers potent anti-inflammatory and soothing support while cooling the skin. This Elixir provides beneficial hydration for rosacea symptoms, acne, and hyperpigmentation. It contains three Chamomile varietals, along with Turmeric, Helichrysum, Lemon Balm, and Passionflower.

If you are already using a Facial Elixir in your daily regimen, we hope this post reinforces the many wondrous benefits our Facial Elixirs offer. If you aren’t currently using a Facial Elixir, we hope we’ve convinced you to add one into your regimen! We’re confident you’ll immediately see what makes them so necessary for skin health!

Xo ~ laurel

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