ingredient spotlight + folklore : YARROW

Skin Benefits

Regenerative. Soothing. Healing. Yarrow’s most ancient use is in healing the skin. Yarrow has antimicrobial and pain relieving traits and is wonderful for soothing skin that is prone to irritations. It is also deeply nourishing and restorative. It aids in healing broken capillaries and is ideal for sensitive skin as well as problematic skin. We simply adore this delicately beautiful bloom. It is so visually appealing and adds all of its medicinal powers it truly is a flower to covet. You can find this bloom in our Lavender Lip Treatment, Citrus Spice Lip Treatment, Day Balm, Night Balm, Recovery Balm, and our Antioxidant Serum. 

History + Folklore

Yarrow was found among other medicinal herbs in a Neanderthal burial site in Iraq which dates from around 60,000 BC and has become famous in herbal medicine as some of the earliest evidence of human’s use of plants as medicine! There is also a myth that Yarrow was given to Achilles by the centaur Chiron so he could use it on the battlefield and its Latin name, Achillea millefollium, still pays homage to this long lost tale.  Yarrow was a very useful herb on the battlefields as it has the capability of slowing bleeding and being antibacterial and antimicrobial staved off infection. A brilliant herb that we are so grateful to utilize in our skincare line!

Written by :: Michelle Marriott :: Social Media & Marketing Manager for Laurel Skin

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