I have created a special holiday treat for you!  One of my favorite ways to create a product is to include abundant ingredients, or surprise gifts from the Earth.  This past harvest, one of my farmers had triple the amount of Roses that we needed.  Triple!  I wanted to turn this ‘problem’ into something that your skin would love, and that I would love creating.  Thus, I turned those extra Roses into this beautiful limited edition holiday mask.

It features Roses from the Point Reyes California seashore, raw single varietal Orange Blossom Honey from Central California, and Tulsi from a beloved Sonoma garden.  This mask was created to hydrate, exfoliate, brighten and nourish the skin.  If you are familiar with our Honey Berry Mask, then you can follow the instructions on the jar and use this in that same style – or you can use in the following technique of ‘Honey Tapping’…a personal favorite ritual of mine that strengthens our lymph system and connective tissue for firmer skin.  Wishing you the happiest of holidays!  Cheers to a skin ritual that will make your season brighter!

INGREDIENTS : Raw Single Varietal California Orange Blossom Honey, Rose Petals, Orange Peel, Tulsi Leaves, Nutmeg, Clove, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon; rare artisan distillations of Rose Centifolia, Sweet Orange, Vanilla, Tulsi, and Frankincense

xo laurel



1) Wash and dry your skin to prepare.  With dry skin and dry hands, evenly apply 1 teaspoon of Honey Rose Spice Mask to your face, neck and chest. (Yes, this will be sticky without the addition of water!)

2) With Honey Tapping, ‘stickiness’ is your ally!  Once the mask is applied evenly, begin gently tapping your skin, as if you are delicately playing the piano.  Do these gentle taps everywhere from your chest, on up the sides of your neck, up to your chin, cheeks, and forehead.  Tapping your neck and chest is important to encourage the downward flow of lymph, which will be stimulated by this technique.

3) For your face specifically, you can focus on congested areas, as well as areas that need extra exfoliation.  Keep this up for several minutes of tapping.

4) After tapping, add just a few drops of water to hydrate the mask while it’s on your skin.  Allow the Mask to further work its magic for 10-20 more minutes, then rinse.  And then GLOW!



  1. Sounds divine!
    Will ask my estie Kate, at Blue Morpho
    For this indulgence..love the honey, rose, & all the warm spices..yummy!

    1. Hi Nina! Yes, Kate is indeed a magical human!! <3 I'm sure she can guide you through Honey Tapping with the Honey Berry Mask that she carries! The Honey Rose Mask is a microbatch though, that we are only offering as a gift this weekend. xo Laurel

    1. Hi Crystal! Are you on our email list? As of this weekend, we are only offering the Honey Rose Mask as a gift (details were in our email, which will still be sent out 2 more times this weekend if you missed it). After this weekend’s gifting, if we have any left from our microbatch, then we will sell them next week. xo Laurel

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