THE LIBERATED BEAUTY SERIES :   Minimal and Eurocentric Design Standards inhibit BIPOC Success   By Christine Jairamsingh   The increasing visibility and popularity of clean beauty, herbal remedies, and sustainable fashion has created a push towards the homogenization of aesthetics. For many years, these types of products were found on natural food store … Continued

ARE PLANTS SUNSCREEN? The truth is complicated.

Nope, PLANTS ARE NOT A SUNSCREEN. However, plants have the ability to help support and protect your skin in multiple ways against varying types of UV induced damage. Every year I speak to this. And every year my posts get a little bit more vague and my voice gets a little quieter as our following … Continued


Why Is Seasonal Skincare Important? One of the questions I am often asked is how and why we should change our skincare products with the season. Our skin, just like our body, responds differently to weather, humidity, the sun, our surroundings, and other environmental factors. The way our body responds to seasonal changes affects our … Continued

Skin Series: Acne

Your skin is helping to carry a burden. There is a delicate balance between investigating your unique why, while simultaneously trusting that your body’s current response is necessary.   There is so much to address about acne from a place of non-judgement. Here is what needs to be said first: You are your best healer. … Continued

Hydrating Elixir C: Jasmine Hibiscus

MINDFULLY SOURCED BEAUTY STORY – Hydrating Elixir C: Jasmine Hibiscus

We are thrilled to bring our limited edition Hydrating Elixir C: Jasmine Hibiscus back this year. Last year, it sold out in less than 24 hours! As anyone who follows us is aware, I do not take sourcing lightly. I have a responsibility to ensure that our ingredients not only support the health of the … Continued