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  • Lymph Compound + The Lymphatic Brush

Complementing the launch of the newest addition to our Compound category, we are excited to offer a special Lymph Ritual Set for an elevated lymph-focused skincare ritual.

The Lymph Ritual Set combines our new Lymph Compound: Clover + Conifer with The Lymphatic Brush by Cecily Braden, award-winning spa educator and advocate for the importance of lymph health in vibrant aging.

Lymph tools and manual massage can be used whenever time allows to enhance your Laurel Skin products, creating even more profound results. Utilizing The Lymphatic Brush or other manual lymphatic massage techniques can help support the skin’s natural filtration system, removing excess fluid and cellular waste that can contribute to acne, rosacea, puffiness, dark circles, and skin sensitivities.


Lymph Compound is a concentrated herbal skin supplement crafted to clear and contour the skin of the face and neck. Therapeutic, whole plant extracts of conifer trees and vibrant organic herbs activate the pathways of movement and detoxification within the inner waters of our cells and tissues. As interstitial fluids are liberated from the burden of stagnancy and metabolic waste the skin becomes clear and vibrant, allowing the natural contours of the face to reveal themselves.


Cecily’s patented brush design provides an easy and ergonomic way to incorporate lymphatic drainage into your skincare ritual, making it an effective companion for those wanting to bring even more attention to their lymph system. The Lymphatic Brush’s contoured shape and unique bristle pattern ensure proper alignment with lymphatic pathways, targeting the superficial lymph vessels residing just under the skin to support lymph flow and “clear the clutter”. The Lymphatic Brush is not a dry brush, a makeup brush, or a cleansing brush; the soft, gentle bristles won’t scratch, irritate, or damage fragile or sensitive skin.


Lymph Compound

Full Ingredient List: Rosemary Triple Infusion°, Red Clover Triple Infusion°, Juniper Double Infusion°, White Pine Double Infusion°, Fennel Double Infusion°, Bladderwrack Double Infusion°, Rosemary Hydrosol°, Sea Salt, Grape Alcohol°, Flax Seed Glycerine°
˚organically grown ingredient

The Lymphatic Brush + Protective Case

The handle and protective case are made from 100% recycled and recyclable* materials. The bristles are 100% vegan and made with durable, moisture resistant poly fibers; designed to withstand repetitive use, while maintaining their shape and softness.
*remove bristles from the handle before recycling.

The final destination for the lymphatic fluid of the face and neck are the right lymphatic duct and the thoracic duct, both nestled underneath the collarbones at the base of the neck. Imagine the head and neck functioning somewhat like a funnel: as the fluid descends from the face to its endpoint, it travels down a narrowing pathway in the neck. It’s important to start all facial lymphatic work at the neck to aid in clearing the pathway and creating space for drainage from above.

For detailed usage and education on Cecily’s Lymphatic Brush, please visit her here: The Lymphatic Brush

-Start with clean skin and a clean brush; skin may be dry or slightly damp with a light misting of Elixir.
-Brush movements are almost always directed downward and/or outward from the midline of the head, following the natural lymph pathways of the face and neck.
-Always use gentle pressure, just enough to maintain contact between the brush and skin, while engaging the underlying tissue.
-Repeat each of the strokes mentioned below 5-10 times; finish all strokes on one side of the face and neck before repeating on the other side.

-Begin at the base of the neck and perform short, downward brush strokes towards the collarbone.
-Gradually move higher along the side of the neck, continuing to overlap the downward brush strokes towards the collarbone as you go.

-Begin at the chin and brush along the jawline, moving out towards the ear. The natural contour of the brush should fall above and below the jawbone.
-Perform 1-2 drainage strokes down the side of the neck towards collarbone.

-Using the narrow side of the brush, sweep downward on chin from mouth to jawline.
-Continue using the narrow side of the brush to sweep downward along the side of the nose towards jawline.
-Brush outward from the side of the nose towards the ear.
-Brush downward in front of ear towards jawline.
-Perform 1-2 drainage strokes down the side of the neck towards collarbone.

(use extra light strokes around delicate eye area to avoid pulling on the skin):
-Begin at the inner corner, underneath the eye and brush outward towards the temple.
-Brush along brown bone, outward towards the temple.
-Brush downward in front of ear towards jawline.
-Perform 1-2 drainage strokes down the side of the neck towards collarbone.

-Begin between the brows and brush upward on the forehead, moving towards the hairline.
-Continue brushing the forehead with upward strokes towards the hairline as you move outward towards the temple.
-Brush from center of forehead outward towards temple, then downward in front of ear towards jawline.

-Always finish with extra drainage strokes down the side of the neck towards collarbone to irrigate, move, and cleanse the lymph pathways.
-Continue with your Laurel Skin ritual as normal: Hydrating Elixir, Compound, Serum, Balm.

Cleanse your brush with warm water and a small amount of gentle cleanser, then let it air dry. Do not leave the brush soaking in water.

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