Facial Serum




– Oily / Combination / Breakout Prone / Congested

– 100% Whole Plant Organic

– 26 Beneficial Active Ingredients

– 30ml

Balance Facial Serum is a moisturizer, treatment serum, and elemental defense oil, all in one.  The lightest facial oil in the Laurel line, its rapid absorption is perfectly suited for skin that is oily or breakout prone. It restores balance to excess oil production, decongests pore build up and dissolves impurities. As the name implies, it brings harmony and equilibrium to skin's microbiome while calming and soothing irritation and active breakouts.


Put 3-5 drops onto fingertips and press into clean face and neck. Apply Elixir first for hydration, followed by Serum and then Balm. This product works as a treatment serum, a moisturizer, and it strengthen’s your skin’s response to the sun’s rays.

Use within 18 months of the date made, found on the bottom of the bottle.

Jojoba & Macadamia – These carefully chosen light weight oils restore balance and regulate the skin’s own oil production. The blend of oils overall is noncomedogenic and fast absorbing while still providing the necessary moisture needed for healthy skin functioning.

Helichrysum – This tiny yellow flower is a true skin healer. It is balancing to microflora and restorative and strengthening to the skin.

Cranberry Seed Oil – This lightweight, but incredibly nutrient dense oil is a perfect fit for oily skin that still needs a high dose of antioxidant content. All of our products are made with healthy aging in mind, and our oily skin products like the Balance Serum are no exception to that rule.

Lavender – Our Biodynamic Lavender essential oil is anti-inflammatory, calming and cooling to the skin. It promotes healthy cell functioning, and has a balancing action on oil production.

Passionflower – This soothing beautiful flower is farmed locally just for Laurel WPO. It gently promotes detoxification and clarity, and its astringent action is healing to skin irritations and redness.

Full Ingredient List: Jojoba Oil˚, Macadamia Nut Oil˚, Rosehip Fruit and Seed Oil˚, Sesame Oil˚, Red Raspberry Seed Oil˚, Almond Oil˚, Tamanu Oil˚, Cranberry Seed Oil˚, Sea Buckthorn Fruit and Seed Oil˚, Rosemary Extract˚; in-house biodynamic proprietary blend of Passionflower˚, Licorice˚, Calendula˚, Chamomile˚, Echinacea˚, Yarrow˚, Baical Skullcap˚, Gotu Kola˚, Comfrey˚, Astragalus˚, Nettle˚, Lavender˚, Orange Peel˚; essential oil blend of Lavender˚, Helichrysum˚, Clary Sage˚, Rose Geranium˚ ˚signifies certified organic ingredient

Ritual: Oil balances oil. Treating like with like is something that may sound counter intuitive. However, most breakout prone skin is put through so much trauma from foaming cleansers, alcohol based toners, and oil-free moisturizers that it is left crying out for hydration and moisture. All of those harsh stripping products leave the skin vulnerable to harmful bacteria and inflammation. Typically after two weeks of a hydrating elixir and light weight oil serum, congested acneic skin does a dramatic turn around.