Lily Mizra of Holistic Health Skin in her studio in Escazu, Costa Rica.


“Bodywork is a sacred connection from my heart to another’s heart, holding space that empowers her to awaken her own body’s natural healing capabilities is powerful medicine for the soul.”
-Kristy Poux, The Silk Mill Retreat, Fredericksburg, VA


I have been asked several times in these last few months: what does the future of our industry look like?  Some of our most inspirational esthetician partners and small spas have closed their doors, and that has been heartbreaking.

Over the course of these months, it has become more clear to me than ever– Human touch is a necessity.  Facials, spa treatments and the role that human touch plays in the wellness industry is something that we are not meant to live without.

We asked our partnering estheticians what human touch meant for them.  This led to a flood of heartfelt sharing that I am honored to share with you here in my journal.  Some of our esthetician partners are open for business now, while many are still unable to open.  I invite you to hold the same loving space for them that they do for you and all of their clients.

Megan Niño of Sacred Facials in her SF Bay Area treatment room.

Lily Mizra, Holistic Health Skin, Escazu, Costa Rica
“Human touch is healing, caring, curing and a real luxury in today’s reality.  A touch that is caring, compassionate and is given with empathy has such an amazing power that is can heal the deepest wounds, not only of the body, but of the heart, mind and soul too.  If there is one thing I have learned this year it is that I can live without so many things, except touch.  Touch is the one luxury that I can honestly say I cannot live without.” (Pictured above).  

Tarren Brooks, Goldenseal Skincare, Oakland, CA
“There is a strong case for touch being the most important of all the senses.  Our skin is how we greet the world, and for overall well-being, human touch is as important as food and water.  It’s a beautiful tool we use to communicate with one another.  As a holistic esthetician, I am lucky to care for the organ that receives touch through both plant-based products and intentional physical connection. This touch balances the nervous system, and in turn, every system in the body; without touch, we suffer.”

Melissa Koziel, Radiating Wellness, Ramsey, NJ
“What the world needs now… healing touch to facilitate our body’s innate healing power and increase energy flow to raise the collective vibration of the world. “

Katie Woods, Ritual Skincare, VT/CA
“Touch signals a sense of safety and trust, creating a ripple affect by activating the body’s vagus nerve, releasing oxytocin and decreasing cortisol while strengthening our immune system. As humans, touch is our first and most intimate sense and is crucial in helping us navigate the world, connect with others and heal. It’s essential.”

Greg Cartwright and Ray Pruett of Koru Touch together with their frenchies.

Megan Niño, Sacred Facials, SF Bay Area
“There is nothing like the healing power of touch. Being able to hold space and help a client connect to their mind, body + soul is a necessary element that I miss so much. We are energetic beings and when we are in the auric field of another- I know for me, the energy comes out of my hands- and to touch the face of another being is a spiritual experience. The plant medicine also takes it to a whole other level, which words cannot describe.”

Maro Weidmann, Slope Wellness, Brooklyn, NY
“Skin needs love, attention and affection to heal– without touch, that all is gone.”

Ray Pruett, Koru Touch, Winston Salem, NC
“Beauty is a radiating frequency that is always flowing to us and within us.  My goal in the treatment room is to reconnect myself and my guest with this flow.  The natural world reminds us of these frequencies, fear is the result of pinching ourself off from it.  My holistic beauty approach is to soothe the guest back into remembering their true inheritance of love and beauty beyond the challenges of daily struggles.”

Greg Cartwright, Koru Touch, Winston-Salem, NC
“Providing the grounding moments needed in these uncertain times is as vital as clean water. Erasing the pain, isolation, fear and anxiety through skilled, intentional touch while reseting their nervous system. Caretaking and instilling hope establishes giving life force energy. The physical and the metaphysical provides support through the face, leading to a balanced soul.”

Brittany Hancock of Wildcraft in her treatment room in Charleston, SC.

Jenny McAteer, You Are Beautiful, Woodland Hills, CA
“Don’t miss the beauty that is closest to you, the beauty that you are. The power of touch and connection has the ability to bring us back to that place within ourselves to feel more loving and kind to ourselves and to Appreciate our unique beauty and shine it out to the world.”

Beth Chumbar, Imogen Skincare, Corte Madera, CA
“During these many months of not being able to be in my studio and work on my dear clients, I learned a valuable lesson. The power of human touch goes both ways. I never realized caring deeply for my clients during our treatments was my therapy too. My first appointment back made me feel better inside and out and seeing the client relax and feel so at ease in my hands brought me a sense of peace I did not expect. Human touch is most powerful thing we can share with others. Especially now.”

Brittany Hancock, lead skin therapist at Wildcraft, Charleston, SC
“We need human touch, connection and relaxation now more than ever. I love the difference in a person’s energy from when they first arrive to when they leave a treatment. You can see that shift in everything from their eyes to posture”

Stephanie Price, Skin & Tonic, Hayden, ID
“Conversations that don’t include words. Loving intention that helps you melt into your entire being. Gentle strokes that release the weight of the world from your spirit. The kind of connection that isn’t found while working with the various tools on the market, but instead while working with our hands”

Dian’s Story:

Dian Cesena of Ritual Sagrada

Dian Cesena, Ritual Sagrada, West Hollywood, CA
“Human touch can nurture feelings of trust and connectedness – feelings which may be in short supply in 2020. Yet my profession has been on hold since March. That means I am unable to create a safe, healing space for people who desperately need one, let alone make a living doing it. Most receivers don’t know this, but as an esthetician in California, I’m very well trained in infection control. My licensing depends on it!

This tumultuous year has affected each of us differently, but as a collective we all feel the same pangs of disconnectedness. That discomfort can make it hard to breathe deep and relax.

Part of my “job” is to make you feel so comfortable and safe that you can dive into deep relaxation. This energetic cradling starts with a few words and is transmitted by my HEART and HANDS. My intuition guides my hands by feeling the emotions and internal imbalances that present themselves on your skin. This is felt and acknowledged without judgement. My only transmission to my receivers is love and healing – the same unconditional love that I give to my son. The love in my hands is the energy that can release oxytocin in you. It’s healing, and it’s what is needed right now, more than ever.

I’m lucky that I can teach these principles to my receivers now through one on one zoom calls because the importance of self healing is empowering. I miss touching my receivers, and I’m glad at least we can find our connection through a screen. But physical human touch that is filled with love is priceless, especially in a safe, judgement-free space. We as humans desire a tender touch that says it’s okay to feel, to be acknowledged and loved.” 

Thank you for reading this.  Please share.  Please continue to support your small businesses financially, energetically and emotionally.  Their work is so valuable.  I don’t want to live in a world without them.

Xo Laurel

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