Compressing is incredibly beneficial for the health of our skin.  It benefits the health of our muscles, circulation, lymph, and our entire nervous system.  All four of those systems directly impact the health of your skin.

Check out our video below that we made about how to compress at home, and why it’s so beneficial.  It also shows the behind the scenes at our studio – as we work as a team to make our limited edition Abundant Harvest™ compress for you!  Just in case you can’t watch the video, follow the steps below to compress at home.


1)  Put a heaping tablespoon of compress into a french press or tea pot.  Bring approximately 2 cups of water to a simmer on the stove; not quite to a boil is best for the phytonutrients.  Pour hot water into your press or pot, over the compress.  Allow your compress/tea water to steep for 5-15 minutes.

2)  Roll up a hand towel and put it into a large bowl.  After your compress tea has steeped, pour the tea (through a strainer) over the towel to completely saturate it.  If your compress did not steep long allowing it to cool a bit, then the towel may be too hot to touch.  Allow to cool down just slightly so it does not burn your skin.

3)  Wring out the towel into the bowl so that it is not dripping too much, but make sure it’s still completely wet and saturated.  Sitting or laying comfortably, wrap your face in the steamy towel.  If you wrap with the center of the towel touching your chin, then you can wrap upwards leaving a hole for your nose to breathe out of.

4)  While the compress is on your skin, you can press gently into your skin to further stimulate lymphatic flow and detoxing.  You can sit with the compress on your skin as long as you like!  If your towel starts to feel cool, you can go back to your bowl which should have some remaining warm tea.  Re-saturate your towel and start again. PRO-TIP:  Don’t forget to compress your neck and chest too, to best support your lymph system!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about compressing!  xo Laurel


  1. Hello, I am in France the compressing interests me a lot by cons I would like to know to do what product should I order? Thank you for informing me. Best regards. Ms. Saribatur

    1. Hello! For the next 3 days (October 20, 21, and 22), when you spend $150 on our website, you get a free Compress gift. Thank you!

  2. hello, I would like to validate my order but just before you have promotion codes for new customers? thank you for informing me. Ms. Saribatur

  3. Hello, Laurel 🙂 .. One esthetician told me once, that I should never apply heat on my skin without apply some oil before, for example massage a few drops of squalane… She told me that regarding steam but should I do the same on this case? You said on the video to apply the cleanse oil after the compress, that’s why I’m asking you.. I hope you answer me. All the best!

    1. Hi Juliana! Its hard to say without seeing your skin. I would only suggest that if your lipid barrier was extremely compromised – which can happen if 1) you have a compromised immune system or an auto-immune disease that is effecting it internally expressed outwardly (it would have to be something very extreme causing rosacea like symtpoms along with a damaged barrier) or 2) if you are using products that can harm the barrier such as harsh acids, alcohol toners, or foaming cleansers. If your skin is fairly normal health-wise and you are using Laurel products for your daily ritual – then no, I have absolutely no concerns about needing to add oil on your skin before compressing. If you use Laurel products, which support your lipid layer, then you will always have a healthy amount of lipids on your skin already. Also, a steam machine is different than a compress – so you should take that into consideration as well. Thank you! Laurel

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