Carotenoids: The Power of the Sun

Whole Plant Power Carotenoids are powerful plant constituents with an affinity for the sun.  I apply them to my own skin everyday, by way of our whole plant products.  True to their name, Carotenoids are typically in high doses in plants that are orange, yellow or red.  Sea Buckthorn, Rosehip, Calendula, Cranberry and Pumpkin are … Continued

Hydrating Elixir C: Jasmine Hibiscus

Slow Beauty Story- Hydrating Elixir C: Jasmine Hibiscus

We are thrilled to bring our limited edition Hydrating Elixir C: Jasmine Hibiscus back this year. Last year, it sold out in less than 24 hours! As anyone who follows us is aware, I do not take sourcing lightly. I have a responsibility to ensure that our ingredients not only support the health of the … Continued


Our Serums are the products our line is most known for. And our most common question about them is how do you choose the right Serum for you? Their ingredients look similar, yet the subtle differences are actually large differences when you have very specific skin concerns. All of our Serums are paths to healthy … Continued


When I was in elementary school we had an assembly about the Amazon rainforest. We learned it was being destroyed for timber, but that it was essential to our survival and the survival of the native species. I remember we were asked to sell something to raise money to buy acreage in the rainforest, and I had … Continued


INGREDIENT SPOTLIGHT: ROSE! We recently launched our special edition Rose Ritual and it sold out much quicker than we thought it would! We had planned to talk about Roses quite a bit more to share the many reasons why we love rose so much! We decided to continue the theme of honoring Roses, and create … Continued