the keepers of the earth : biodynamic farmers : EARTH DAY 2016

“Biodynamic farming in its essential being has to be discovered as a new art. This means we have to develop a personal relationship to bridge the abyss between our own spiritual being and the outside world.” – Manfred Klett

We work with over 100 plant ingredients here at Laurel Skin. All of them are Organic, local and or Biodynamically farmed.  Most skin care ingredients are grown and handled quite thoughtlessly. USDA ingredients from overseas are incredibly popular, and government regulation of USDA mandates are minimal at best. The team at the Laurel studio would have quite an easy time if we ordered all of our ingredients in bulk online from bulk ingredient suppliers. They can even process said ingredients to make them more convenient for us to work with. This would save us not only hours in labor, but it could cut our ingredient cost 3 or 4 times over. However, we believe that not only do we have a commitment to safer ingredients for our customers, but we also have a commitment to the best quality ingredients possible.  We have made it our mission to protect our planet, and that means supporting other people who LOVE our Earth as much as we do, who strive to take great care of it, and who take great pride in the ingredients that they send our way.

Ingredients – Laurel Skin

Now we want to jump into our deep love for Biodynamic farming. What does Biodynamic farming mean? How is it different from conventional and organic farming? In short Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition. Started in the 1920’s by Dr. Rudolf Steiner Biodynamic farming is about diversity, fertility and creating a balanced sustainable ecosystem.  Biodynamic farmers truly speak the language of the Earth. They take the time to nourish the soil with fermented manure, minerals, and herbs. The health of soil determines the health of what one grows. They listen to the seasons and know the land on an intimate level. It is not just about growing, but about sustaining and strengthening the land as they grow and produce. Here at Laurel we truly can see the difference that Biodynamic farming has on our ingredients. The roses we get from one of our biodynamic farms are so vibrant with life that we can physically feel the rose oil on the petals. The Almonds we use in our exfoliant are bursting with vitality and are so lovingly farmed that their nutritional profile is simply exceptional. Every day is Earth Day, every moment we have to leave this beautiful land better than when we found it is magical. Our products have our hearts and souls poured into them, as well as the heart and soul of the farmers who lovingly work to grow the most powerful plant medicine around.

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