Spiritual Warrior


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– All skin types

– 100% Whole Plant Organic

– 10ml

Spiritual Warrior is a subtle roll on fragrance or anointing oil; a combination of aromatic plant oils, plant essences and gemstone essences.  The scent combines soft tropical flowers, peppery spice, and deep woodsy notes.  It captures the energies of the plants and allows them to support you on your spiritual journey. The gentle scent of this product is meant to be a reminder that you are not alone. Plant and earthly energies are always swirling all around you, engulfing you in love and light, and bringing you gifts in abundance just waiting for you to accept them.

Apply small amount of Spiritual Warrior to wrists, neck or temples throughout the day. Apply to chakras, or wherever you like. Let this aromatic anointing oil be your companion on your spiritual journey.

Plumeria – Our organic artisan made Plumeria enfleurage is a rare find. This white, yellow, and pink tropical flower energetically connects us to the divine light, abundant love and wisdom well beyond ourselves.

Sandalwood – Our Sandalwood is sustainably and organically farmed in Hawaii. It is carefully distilled by a master artisan distiller over the course of several days. Sandalwood is a plant that wraps us in protection and creates harmony within ourselves and our relationships as well as with all other plants in the Spiritual Warrior.

Myrrh – Myrrh brings truth and clarity. It clears any fog of ego and noise and allows us to live and see clearly in the moment.

Black Tourmaline – Black Tourmaline is wonderful for protection. It keeps us open hearted, while still protecting us from outward negative energies. It keeps us grounded and connected to the Earth, and brings strength in challenging times.

Amethyst – Amethyst is strongly connected to our heart chakra, our emotions, and the healing process. It helps us to walk through life with an open heart, and heal emotional wounds.

Jojoba Oil˚, Plumeria˚, Sandalwood˚, Black Pepper˚, Myrrh˚, Marjoram˚, Palos Santo˚, Carrot Seed Oil˚ Gemstone Essences – Celestine, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline ˚signifies certified organic ingredient

What exactly is the Spiritual Warrior Plant Essence?
My simplest answer to that question is: it is a companion.
– Laurel

Ritual: I initially created this product with a loved one in mind. I made it for a close friend who was about to undergo a double mastectomy. This person is incredibly kind, generous, strong and brave. She walks a spiritual path and does so much for others; she is someone who I always look to for inspiration. I knew this was going to be hard on her, and I didn’t want her to feel alone. I see her as a ‘Spiritual Warrior’, because throughout the whole process she was still always striving to be her best self for those around her. I use the Spiritual Warrior now as a reminder to help me be my best self. I use it to ground me, to comfort me, to release worries and stress. I keep one on my desk, one on my nightstand, and one in my purse. The plants in this blend gift me joy, impart me with wisdom, and bring peace and solace.