Hydrating Elixir C

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– All Skin Types 

– 99% Whole Plant Organic

– 15 Beneficial Active Organic Botanicals

– 100ml

This aromatic combination of whole plants is hydrating, firming, and brightening, while strengthening and supporting the skin’s connective tissue.

Our Jasmine Hibiscus Hydrating Elixir C showcases our proud discovery of the most exquisite organic artisan-distilled Jasmine hydrosol that we have come across – created with a unique hydro-distillation technique that preserves the flowers’ most delicate water-soluble constituents. We have combined that with a raw in-house triple Hibiscus extraction to harness the power of whole plant Vitamin C alongside its bioavailable flavonoids, helpful co-factors, and phytonutrients.

Authentic Jasmine hydrosol is said to be impossible to make due to the delicate nature of Jasmine flowers, and this Elixir began as a tribute to this rare ingredient. This hydrosol is made exclusively for Laurel Skin by an artisan-distiller who has dedicated his life to making a hydro-distillation of this flower possible, going so far as to create his own distillation apparatuses. 

Our Hibiscus is an equally masterful challenge, with three varying whole plant extracts, carefully crafted by herbalists. These Hibiscus calyxes are harvested, delivered and processed fresh all within the same day at our apothecary-lab, ensuring maximum Vitamin C presence and potency. To dial up the Vitamin C and flavonoid quota even further, we combine these Hibiscus extracts with Camu Camu, Acerola, Sea Buckthorn, and Rosehip. Finally, the formula is rounded out by firming and strengthening Gotu Kola, brightening and anti-inflammatory Turmeric, and restorative Sandalwood. Bringing together so many beautiful Hawaiian ingredients results in a formula that allows sun-kissed skin to thrive with vibrancy.

While the formula is identical to years past, this year’s Jasmine harvest saw a much rainier season which resulted in a lighter and more subtle floral distillation, allowing the notes of Sandalwood and Frankincense greater opportunity to shine.

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Jasmine Hydrosol – Our rare artisan Jasmine hydrosol is truly a slow farmed beauty ingredient, with delicate hand harvested fresh flowers combined with the slow process of a custom created hydro-distillation process. In addition to Jasmine’s direct affect on our sensory system, were you aware that we actually have olfactory receptors on our skin as well? Jasmine is an excellent hydrator, free radical scavenger, and strengthener.

Hibiscus – Our house-made Hibiscus macerations use fresh hibiscus fruit to ensure maximum Vitamin C presence and potency. Claimed by beauty editors as the ‘botox plant,’ Hibiscus also contains naturally occurring AHAs and an abundance of flavonoids, anthocyanins, and resveratrol. These synergistic phytochemicals naturally brighten the skin while repairing free radical damage.

Camu Camu – Our raw Camu Camu is one of the highest plant sources of Vitamin C in the world. It has shown to support natural collagen production, brighten skin, and repair the cellular damage which leads to discoloration and loss of elasticity.

Sea Buckthorn – This concentrated superfood extract is made of the whole fruit and the seed, which makes it incredibly high in the entire range of essential fatty acids, Vitamin C, and carotenoids. It works to strengthen connective tissue and prevents its breakdown.

Rosehip – Rosehip has a unique chemical makeup that includes high Vitamin C content as well as Vitamin E and Vitamin A, making it an excellent brightener. It has been used for centuries and studied at length for its ability to reduce the appearance of scars, repair deep cellular damage, and minimize the appearance of fine lines by supporting collagen and connective tissue.

Gotu Kola – Gotu Kola is a plant that supports connective tissue and collagen by protecting it and encouraging new growth. Our Gotu Kola is the most vibrant we have been able to find in the world and grown exclusively for us by a nearby farm. It is a plant that we truly cannot do without in any “healthy aging” formula.

Astragalus – Astragalus has been closely studied for its ability to strengthen and repair telomeres, which are responsible for cellular aging. Telomere repair is essentially DNA repair. Astragalus is also anti-inflammatory, stimulates surface immunity, and supports connective tissue health.

Turmeric – This powerful whole plant extract is anti-inflammatory on multiple pathways and an immediate redness reducer and brightener.

Full Ingredient List: Jasmine Hydrosol˚, Sandalwood Hydrosol˚, Frankincense Hydrosol˚, Herbalist Made Whole Plant Infusions and Extracts of Hibiscus˚, Camu Camu˚, Rosehip Fruit + Seed˚, Gotu Kola˚, Acerola˚, Astragalus˚, Schisandra Berry˚, Sea Buckthorn Fruit + Seed˚, Turmeric˚, Frankincense˚; Jasmine Essential Oil˚, Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Biodynamic Grape Alcohol˚, Vegetable Glycerin˚
˚organically grown ingredient

Shake product well and mist directly and generously onto clean skin, prior to a serum or balm. This can also be used as a hydrating mist throughout the day.

Store this product in a cool, dry, and dark place. Use within 12 months of the manufacture date, which is noted on the bottom of the bottle.

Science: There is no debate that Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is beneficial to the skin. However, Vitamin C doesn’t exist in isolation in the plant world, rather it co-exists amongst many helpful co-factors. The presence of other phytochemicals such as Flavonoids, Vitamin E, and Carotenoids work synergistically with Vitamin C. One of the most helpful co-constituents is Flavonoids, which are molecules that regulate cellular activity and neutralize free radicals. Here are 3 of the Flavonoid/Vitamin C synergistic connections that I find the most fascinating: A) Molecular sparing. This means that a cell actually needs less Vitamin C in the presence of flavonoids because of how they work together to support the cell. B) Metabolization. This has to do with what happens to the Vitamin C after it oxidizes. What is fascinating about Vitamin C is its ability to create a free radical chain reaction (which can be considered harmful), as well as its ability to become an antioxidant again after its initial oxidation (which can be considered beneficial). Flavonoids play an important role in this process to keep Vitamin C stable and beneficial throughout this process. C) Flavonoids have a unique relationship with lipids and cellular bilayers. Even though they are typically thought of as water soluble, they are able to be carried through lipids and enhance absorption and permeability of Vitamin C. In this way, Flavonoids are also responsible for strengthening capillaries and connective tissue as well.

Ritual: This product immediately transports me to Hawaii, where my skin is plump and dewy from the humidity and ocean air. After cleansing your skin, close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Mist the Jasmine Elixir C onto your skin. What visuals come to you in this moment? Where are you in your mind’s eye? Imagine each tiny delicate flower being hand harvested for distillation. Imagine the journey each of these plants has taken to get to you. Breathe deeply, in gratitude for their journey. They are here to support you on your journey to vibrant healthy skin.