Honeysuckle Sage Elixir

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– Most Skin Types

– 99% Whole Plant Organic

– 23 Beneficial Active Ingredients

– 100ml

A soothing, hydrating, nourishing, and repairing Elixir, helpful for both pre- and post-sun exposure.

Arizona’s Honeysuckle Sage Elixir was inspired by the warm desert after a cool rain; life is left refreshed as the scent of nectar lingers in the air. Delicate blooms of Honeysuckle were picked daily for infusion by Phibee Aromatics and blended with an Orange Blossom enfleurage. Arizona regional distillations of Lime, Sage, and Pinyon come together to nourish, heal, and soothe desert sun-kissed skin. Native shrubs, flowers and leaves like Creosote, Globemallow, and Desert Willow were expertly harvested and macerated by herbalist Ash Ritter in Tucson, Arizona. Globemallow and Chia Seed are super hydrators included to plump and firm the skin. Antioxidant and Vitamin C vibrant Prickly Pear from Arizona’s Cactus Ranch turned up for this formula as well.

The Honeysuckle Sage Elixir has a multitude of skin benefits including soothing, hydrating, and nourishing. It aides in both protecting from and repairing sun damage, which is necessary on those intense desert days. Honeysuckle strengthens our own skin barrier while also soothing redness and irritation. This Elixir is full of desert-loving Sage, which supports our own antioxidant and enzymatic activity. This formula rounds out with more well-known skin specific herbs like Calendula for her healing resins, Chamomile for her cooling ability, and Milky Oats for their hydrating Vitamin B content.

The Honeysuckle Sage Elixir is the Mindful Ritual Step 2 in this collection.

Limited Quantities Available

Sage – This Arizona-cultivated and artisan-distilled Sage stimulates cell renewal and is an antioxidant activity booster. It supports our own enzymatic activity and gently stimulates circulation to promote healing.

Globemallow – A direct sister to Marshmallow, this soft leaf and gentle orange flower also offer Nature’s form of Hyaluronic Acid. It is soothing, hydrating, calming, and protecting. Globemallow is rich in B vitamins and is plumping and hydrating to the skin. It can be found growing throughout the Miraval Arizona property.

Chaparral/Creosote – Laurel developed a strong bond with the Creosote plant during this process. It is praised for its potent anti-inflammatory effects and it aides in preventing free radical damage. It is most commonly known as an ancient and powerful heal-all medicine by most local Indigenous tribes located throughout the southwest. It is actively researched in skin cancer cell inhibition.

Lime – Arizona organically farmed and artisan steam-distilled Lime ensures that the furocoumarins responsible for photosensitivity are not present. This bright citrus plant provides a variety of nourishing nutrients that work to brighten, hydrate, balance, and repair skin. Lime also creates and leaves an uplifting scent for your spirit.

Honeysuckle – This delicate scent requires a daily flower harvesting and enfleurage process which takes many months to capture. These hand-harvested Arizona flowers strengthen the skin barrier while simultaneously soothing redness and irritation.

Full Ingredient List: Calendula Hydrosol ̊, Yerba Santa Hydrosol*, Orange Blossom Hydrosol ̊, Piñon Hydrosol*, Rose Hydrosol ̊, Lime Hydrosol ̊, Sage Hydrosol ̊, Sweetgrass Hydrosol ̊; Herbalist Made Whole Plant Extracts of Globemallow*, Calendula ̊, Chamomile ̊, Milky Oats ̊, Chia ̊, Prickly Pear Fruit ̊, Licorice ̊, Chaparral/Creosote*, Desert Willow*, Arizona Cypress*, Alligator Juniper*, Mesquite Leaf*; Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Biodynamic Grape Alcohol ̊, Jojoba Oil ̊, Honeysuckle Enfleurage*, Saguaro Flower Essence*

̊organically grown ingredient
*regionally and ethically wildcrafted ingredient
Number of Arizona regionally grown ingredients: 13
Number of small farms + artisans supported: 8

*Wildcrafting is not a term that you see used often at Laurel Skin. In the commercial beauty and health industries wildcrafting or wild-harvesting can put a strain on the environment, animal habitats, and Indigenous communities. Laurel Skin does not condone wildcrafting plants on Indigenous lands unless it only and directly financially supports the Indigenous folks doing the harvesting. Laurel Skin does not condone any scale of wildcrafting that may bring harm to the micro-ecosystems of a particular area. This is especially seen in the essential oil and supplement industries, and we genuinely wish for that type of wildcrafting to come to an end. That said, some of the herbs (not essential oils) for the collection made exclusively for Miraval were ethically and mindfully wildcrafted in small and limited amounts by herbalists local to their regions. The amount we could harvest actually determined how much product we were able to create, and that is weather and yield dependent. Especially with the desert plants, we wanted to utilize these plants which were native and abundant to the desert region. These medicinal plants are not farmed or cultivated. None of these plants were harvested on Indigenous lands, and all were harvested on privately or publicly owned lands where each plant is abundant or even invasive and not at all at-risk. This responsibility is something Laurel personally takes very seriously, and we do not encourage wildcrafting for those who do not have this level of awareness around this global sourcing concern.

Shake product well with each use and mist generously and directly onto skin after cleansing, prior to a Serum or Balm.

Ritual Step 2 – After the Petal Pecan Mask has been removed, saturate skin with this hydrating Elixir until damp. Inhale deeply, as Calendula and Honeysuckle mist your skin like dew on petals. Follow with the Wolfberry Chia Serum.

Store this product in a cool, dry and dark place. Use within 6 months of opening and within 12 months of the manufacture date, which is noted on the bottom of the bottle.

Arizona Sourcing Story

“Miraval Arizona has an ‘outback’, directly behind the property, where guests can go to hike, bike, horseback ride, and adventure. On my journey to develop the products, I remember deeply settling into my body, getting rooted in the earth, and asking to be guided. Since I was not as familiar with desert plant identification, I walked the outback and took pictures of what called to me. I initially didn’t even know that Globemallow was a direct sister plant to Marshmallow – and that ended up being one of the greatest highlights of this hydrating formula. I did not know that Chia was Chia, or even that Mesquite was Mesquite. These plants are abundant all over the Miraval outback, and I highly recommend that journey. Listen to your senses and they will guide you.

Honeysuckle is the star of this formula, and there should be no doubt. Getting to know Clare from Phibee Aromatics was like getting an herbal education, a lesson on integrity, and experiencing these plants through her senses all rolled into one. She cultivates plants in her own garden as well as wildcrafts, and then distills or infuses the plants. The Honeysuckle Flower is so incredibly delicate that the scent can only be captured through the enfleurage process, which means she harvests fresh flowers for infusion over the course of months to capture the scent of the fresh flower. When I last spoke to Clare, she let me know that she had hand-harvested and infused 6,000 Honeysuckle blossoms for the 2021 Miraval Collection.”

– Laurel