We couldn’t be more pleased to announce that we have finally opened our lovely light-filled Sausalito studio! We are so excited to welcome you with open arms into our new home. Please visit us at our flagship location to experience a full Laurel facial, have a cup of tea, or replenish your favorite Laurel skin care products, as well as explore the products from our partnering brands whom we have come to love so much.


Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – 10:30-5pm
Wed – 10:30-5pm
Thurs – 10:30-6pm
Friday – 10:30-6pm
Saturday – 11-5pm
Sunday – CLOSED


One Gate Six Road, Suite D

Second Floor

Sausalito, CA 94965

* Please see below for directions as GPS typically will not get you here.

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Facial Room

We offer our Facials at the Laurel Studio on Thursdays and Fridays, with our studio esthetician Megan Nino.

The Signature Laurel Facial 

The Signature Laurel Facial is incredibly unique and is meant to not only leave you with glowing skin, but also addresses the mind, body, and spirit during your time with us. The facial is incredibly nurturing, and promotes self love and self care. The Laurel products used during the facial are chosen specifically for you, and each treatment is completely personalized in order to address each individual’s different skin and health concerns. We hope you will trust us and allow yourself to come enjoy this transcendent experience; we would be honored to have you!

 $140 for 80 Minutes 

Manual Lymph Drainage Facial

DISCOVER :: Glowing, restored, and incredibly healthy skin with our Manual Lymph Drainage Facial add on. Movement is life. When we stimulate our lymph systems we release years of toxicity from our bodies, and invite new nutrients and life to rejuvenate our skin.

Manual Lymph Drainage is a type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. This massage reduces fluid accumulation, rejuvenates your immune system, and creates an open flow for our skin to receive the abundant nutrients and antioxidants taken in by our bodies. By releasing the lymphs in the Face and Neck this aids in detoxing the entire body. We encourage everyone to try this nourishing therapy that will restore balance to your complexion and body.

$165 for 100 minutes

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Facial Room

The green beauty industry is truly fortunate to be gifted with so many talented and brilliant artisans who know how to make products that are truly innovative and effective. Unfortunately though, these small artisan brands can be challenging to find! Laurel has searched the U.S. for other brands that share the same purity and efficacy standards as our own brand, and we are delighted to share with you eight other brands that compliment our line extremely well. Please stop in to see what else the green beauty industry has to offer! You can happily find the following brands at the Laurel Studio:

  • Etta & Billie (Soaps & Body Care)
  • Homestead Apothecary (Internal Wellness)
  • Josh Rosebrook (Skin & Hair Care)
  • Laurel WPO (Skin Care)
  • LURK (Perfumes)
  • Plantfolk Apothecary (Skin Care)
  • Pursoma (Bath Salts & Soaks)
  • RL Linden (Body & Skin Care)

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GPS will NOT get you here. Please instead utilize the following directions.

From 101 North (San Francisco): Take the Sausalito/Marin City exit.  Turn left at the first stoplight.  We are located in the shopping center directly to your left (brown buildings with blue awnings).  Our store is on the second level, above the cafe and deli.

From 101 South (Novato/Sonoma/East Bay): Take the Sausalito/Marin City exit.  Ensure you are in the farthest left hand turn lane.  Turn left at the first stoplight.  Go straight through the second stoplight.  We are located in the shopping center on your left.  Our store is on the second level, above the cafe and deli.

* Please note that we are not wheelchair accessible.