Our flagship Spa and Studio in Sausalito, California is sacred space filled with love, light, and joy. Here you can experience a full Laurel Signature Facial, consult with one of our skin specialist over tea, replenish your Laurel favorites in person, or explore products from other beauty and wellness brands that we cherish and believe in. Our flagship Spa and Studio also houses our Open Lab, which is always a thoughtful dance of activity. We invite you into our home.

Facials at The Spa

Visit the Laurel Spa and Studio to experience one of our Signature Facials. Our seasoned esthetician, Megan Nino, will expertly guide you to the ideal treatment, customizing the protocol to meet your specific skin needs. Each facial is 90 minutes and is available Thursdays and Fridays. For questions or to schedule your facial, simply call or email us and we will happily guide you through the process.

Spa and Studio: 415.717.1689 / customercare@laurelskin.com

Abundant Harvest Facial

The Abundant Harvest Facial features our exclusive range of seven Professional products, utilizing over 50 impeccably sourced organic plants in a unique combination to maximize efficacy and reveal noticeably more vital, supple skin. Maintaining the integrity of their whole, raw state, the fruits, leaves, petals and roots are expertly blended in the form of loose leaf compresses and treatment masks. Customized by a skilled practitioner, this exquisite facial can be modified to treat symptoms from severe acne to collagen loss to rosacea. Lymph work is included to best support the nature of these active formulas. $200 inclusive of gratuity.

Benefits: Supports skin health from inside out; strengthens connective tissue; reduces chronic inflammation and the appearance of dark spots

Shop at The Studio

The Natural Beauty Industry is teeming with artisans who have developed innovative, effective and luxurious clean beauty products that are uniquely different from Laurel, and whose standards of purity and transparency match our own. Laurel and her team have thoughtfully selected their favorite staples from other brands that they can’t live without, including organic shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, and medicinal plant tinctures. In addition to the entire Laurel line, we are pleased to offer the following brands for sale at the Laurel Studio:

Etta & Billie (Soaps)
Homestead Apothecary (Internal Wellness Tinctures)
Josh Rosebrook (Skin & Hair Care)
Plantfolk Apothecary (Body Care + Gifts)
Pursoma (Wellness Bath Soaks)
Woodlot (Essential Oil Candles)


Laure Whole Plant Organics

One Gate Six Road, Suite D

Second Floor

Sausalito, CA 94965


*Please see below for directions, as GPS typically does not do well with our unique address.


Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – 10:30-5pm
Wednesday – 10:30-5pm
Thursday – 10:30-5pm
Friday – 10:30-5pm
Saturday – 11-5pm
Sunday – CLOSED


GPS will not typically get you to our unique address. Please instead utilize the following directions.

From 101 North (San Francisco): Take the Sausalito/Marin City exit. Turn left at the first stoplight. We are located in the shopping center directly to your left (brown buildings with blue awnings). Our store is on the second level, above the cafe and deli.

From 101 South (Novato/Sonoma/East Bay): Take the Sausalito/Marin City exit. Ensure you are in the farthest left hand turn lane. Turn left at the first stoplight. Go straight through the second stoplight. We are located in the shopping center on your left. Our store is on the second level, above the cafe and deli.

*Please note that due to the historic nature of our building, we are not wheelchair accessible.