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Sequoia Beauty is now Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Sequoia Beauty is now Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Hello Sequoia Beauty fans! I know many of you so well – some of you have been using our products for years!  I am so excited to share with you all that Sequoia Beauty is rebranding as ‘LAUREL Whole Plant Organics’.  After April 15th, Sequoia Beauty products will no longer be made or available.  Before you panic, please read the Q & A with me below about the necessary changes to our line and why I am so eager to share them with you.  My heart and soul was in Sequoia Beauty and my heart and soul is still dedicated to our new line Laurel Whole Plant Organics. Love, Laurel

~ Q & A: ~

Why are you rebranding?
In 2013 we learned about another line using the name Sequoia.  Since our brand grew so quickly, we knew we needed to change our name to something more unique, that would be accepted nationally and internationally.


What is exactly changing?
Our name is changing, our packaging is changing, our formulas are changing, and our prices are changing.


Why didn’t you just change the name, instead of changing everything?
I knew changing so much would be hard for our customers.  But it seemed silly for us to spend so much time and money on new labels, photos, website, marketing materials just changing the name – when there’s so much I would love to change!  I felt I needed to see this hardship as an opportunity to use all I’ve learned about the industry over the 4 years with Sequoia Beauty.


Why did you change your packaging specifically?
In reality our ingredients have always been VERY expensive luxury ingredients, but our packaging has never reflected that.  Our packaging always reflected our products were green and organic, but never that you were buying a high quality and effective product.  We hope our new packaging is a better reflection of what is inside each bottle.  We also switched specifically to UV protecting glass to better protect our precious ingredients.


Why did you change existing formulas?  Particularly ones that were so LOVED?!
Yes, I know!!  I know!!  This is such a tough one!!  I knew there were things I could do to make every single formula a tiny bit better:  1)Make the products even greener/cleaner. 2)Make them more effective.  3)Make them smell more luxurious.  As a formulator, I always want to WANT to use the products myself!  And not that I didn’t want to use Sequoia Beauty anymore, but I found myself wanting to include new ingredients that I was learning more about.  I also, ALWAYS want a cleaner and more pure product, and I’m always pushing myself to address that within our skin care.  For example, when I first experimented with making our ‘creams’ into waterless ‘balms’ that required no preservation or emulsifying. I didn’t think they would be commercially accepted because of the drastic changes. But then when I tried them, I saw how effective they were and I was sold.  They worked THAT much better than the creams we currently offered!  They absorbed quickly and left my skin glowing and amazing — I knew by eliminating emulsifiers and preservatives (no mater how natural) I would be making a more effective product.


How did the existing formulas change?
Our creams are now balms, as explained in the question above.  Most formula changes are so subtle that many of you will barely notice!  I maybe added a plant or two, and most people wouldn’t typically notice that.  I also brought on aromatherapist, Athena Ziegler to help me make the scents a little more luxurious, without changing the efficacy of the formulas.  Lastly, on our new online store, we talk a bit about how the product is different than the corresponding Sequoia product – so you will know what changes you’ll experience.


How did the formulas stay the same?
We are still committed to Organic and Locally grown!  Every single plant we use is absolutely certified organic or biodynamic with NO exceptions ever!!  We use locally grown ingredients whenever possible.  So please do not worry at all that we have sold out in anyway — from my heart I tell you — it is absolutely the opposite.  I feel so confident in the changes, and I know when you try the products that you will love them as much as I do.


Why are the products so much more expensive?
This is a tough question too.  The big issue here, very honestly, is that our products should have always been much more expensive than they were.  When I first created Sequoia Beauty, I did so from my heart.  I was not a business woman first, I just wanted to create these special products for people because I knew my formulas could help people’s skin.  When I priced the products I looked at the other green brands at health food stores, and priced them according to that.  But in reality, (as so many of your know), our products are nothing like most grocery store lines!  Those all contain synthetics, water, alcohol, fillers, or conventional ingredients!  By not using any water or alcohol, and by using whole organic plants farmed in the USA, there is absolutely no comparison with the cost of health food store lines to ours.  Even the most expensive luxury green skin care in the country still uses water in some amounts to get their cost down.  I only hope that the customers who truly saw results from Sequoia Beauty are able to take this leap with us, and understand it was necessary for our business to survive.


Is there anything else to share with customers about the rebrand?
Just that I am so excited about this!!  I have now been exclusively using the Laurel products myself for over 6 months.  Just from the subtle formula changes I have noticed a positive change in my own skin.  I honestly believe you will all love them even more when they give them a try!

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  1. Hi Laurel,
    Thank you so much for your response to my questions.
    Very helpful! I am now clear on how to use the website.
    I’m very excited about your products. They’re everything
    I’ve ever wished for in a skin care product and more!!! And
    I love the quality and clarity of your writing. Best wishes;,
    Gail (Gaily)

    1. You’re so sweet, Gaily!! I have no idea how to use this website myself yet, but you are all over it! 🙂 I’ll have to call you for advice when we launch it! haha!
      Sending love,

  2. LAUREL! SO PROUD OF YOU! All your hard work and passion. Every ounce of love, creation, & perfection goes into your products with the utmost quality and care. I cant wait to try the new and improved line. What an exciting new beginning this is for you and all your users. Your the sweetest gal around and I wish you all the best! 🙂
    Xo Tai

  3. Congratulations Laurel!
    Your new branding label looks great. I must echo Gail’s remark about your answers on the changes made to your products and website. You have answered and explained everything I need to know for my next purchase. Thank you again, Mary Lou

  4. Hiya Laurel, Happy to hear you are advancing in your business! I love everything you say you have added and changed!! I have a question for you,,”Whats the difference between the Almond grain facial exfoilent and the Honey Berry Enzyme facial mask?” :))

    1. Hi Lois!! Thank you! The Almond Grain Exfoliant is a gentle manual exfoliant, it has a grainy texture to it and it exfoliates in that way. The Honey Berry Mask is an enzyme exfoliant, which means it has a smooth texture, and has living enzymes which eat away at dead skin cells on the surface. xo

  5. Hi Laurel! I have loved your Sequoia Beauty products since my first purchase, and I just placed my first order of Laurel Whole Plant Organics.! I use your products exclusively for my skin care and have always been delighted with the results. Good for you for taking the leap of raising your prices and changing your packaging. I wish you great success in your business. It has been and continues to be an honor to support someone with such a good heart who produces products of such exceptional quality.

    1. Hi Lonnie! What a sweet message. Thank you so much for all of your support! I am so happy that you love the products, and I cannot wait for you to try these new ones! They’ll be headed your way soon.

  6. I’m a newbie and I just learned about Sequoia Beauty about 3 months ago and just reading about your products and all the TLC that goes into it made me so hopeful that I finally find a TRUE organic skin care line. I live on the East coast in Ohio LOL so it is truly hard for me to find true organic skincare. Like you stated in your Q&A even some skincare lines at the health store are not 100% or even close to being organic or having true organic whole plants in their ingredients. I’m just excited to put my order in and try your products. So I’m about to start my healthy skincare and body journey and I feel so confident and relieved to find products worth spending my money on. So from now until December I will be documenting my progress and I’m finally taking control over my skin and getting the skin I always wanted!!

    Thanks Laurel for your passion and dedication and for being a “Rule Breaker” and making true, pure and honest skincare products!!!

    1. Thank you, Christina!!! For the sweet message!! I am so glad you found our products also. Please be in touch any time with questions for us, or a consult to help find the right products for you. xo Laurel

  7. Laurel, I have been using your products since I moved to CA a year ago. I just fell in love with everything I have tried on from Sequoia Beauty (masks, balms, serums…)! Have not used anything from another brand on my skin ever since. I am so excited about your new adventure, and wish you all the success you deserve! I will continue being a very faithful and happy customer 🙂 Thank you so much! Flo

    1. Thank you, Flo! We just sent your newest order yesterday — Hope you continue to love everything from the new line! Thank you so much for your warm wishes. <3 Laurel

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