However, plants have the ability to help support and protect your skin in countless ways against varying types of UV induced damage.

What is Sunscreen?

Let’s get clear on what a sunscreen is. A sunscreen must be made with an FDA approved sunscreen drug, like Zinc. Non-Nano Zinc for example is a physical block that sits on the surface of the skin preventing UV rays from penetrating. While physical sunscreens are necessary and valuable -I even use them in my own life- it does not impact the overall health of the skin.

How Plants Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Now let’s talk about plants. Plants do not physically block UV rays like a physical sunscreen. They work by improving the health and defense mechanisms of the skin. They address how our cells respond to UV rays which can cause oxidation and inflammation. Fresh, unrefined, plant material has the ability to prevent oxidation on multiple levels, prevent inflammation, and the plants’ own phytochemicals can absorb harmful UV rays themselves.

Plants have a strong relationship with the sun. They have to. They aren’t able to seek shade, wear a hat, or lather on the sunscreen. They must develop their own defenses to protect their own cells from UV induced damage. And it’s the same phytochemicals that plants use to protect themselves that you will find us using in our products.

What Laurel Products Protect From the Sun

While the Sun Body Oil is formulated with each plant carefully chosen for its proven research in counteracting UV damage, know that ALL our products are helpful in this way! Specifically, our Elixirs in combination with the raw unrefined oils that we use in our Serums and Balms. Plants that have the best defense have a well of both oil and water loving molecules to draw from. By using our products every day, you are filling up that well, so that it has more to draw from when it’s vulnerable. This doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want in the sun and not get sun damage. What this means is your skin will be healthier, stronger, and less susceptible to damage.

I’ll end with: I WEAR SUNSCREEN. Sometimes. Not often. I prefer hats. But no matter what I always support the health of my skin with whole plant science.

xo laurel



  1. Hi Laurel,
    I am learning to move away from wearing sunscreen as a daily regiment since I started reading Nadine’s book on Renegade Beauty. I like the balance you pose on using sunscreen sometimes but the big difference is our how we take care of our skin
    I met you at Osmosis Forest Bathing retreat and would like to send you the name of the oil that I reacted to as well as the link about it. Not sure if you want me to post it here.

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