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“Look at all the life in this,” she said. Every pip could become a tree, and every tree could bear another hundred fruits and every fruit could bear another hundred trees. And so on to infinity. I picked the picks from my tongue with my fingers.
Just imagine, she said. If every seed grew, there’d be no room in the world for anything but pomegranate trees.”
-David Almond

-Skin Benefits –

This powerful Winter time fruit is a whimsical beauty that is truly transformational for the skin.  Pomegranates are hydrating, anti-inflammatory, protective and collagen stimulating. This lovely fruit can help you restore radiance and health back to your skin. High in antioxidants, vitamins K and C, potassium, copper, zinc and iron the little ruby red gems are filled with incredible nutrition.  You can find Organic Pomegranate Oil in an array of our products including ::  Restore Nightly Facial Balm, Eye Balm, Gentle Mask, Anti-Inflammatory Serum and our Antioxidant Serum.

-History + Folklore –

Over 8,000 years ago, the pomegranate became one of the first cultivated fruits. Since then, the pomegranate has traveled the globe and impacted major civilizations throughout history. Pomegranates have been symbols of prosperity, hope, and abundance in every part of the world. They have lent their inspiration to leaders, authors, and fine artists. Their presence has been recorded in history, mythical lore, artistic and literary symbolism, as well as classic art. They have offered themselves as a feast for all the senses while providing incredible amounts of physical healing.  The folklore surrounding this magical fruit is seemingly endless. With countless stories and artistic masterpieces depicting it.  Used in many cultures as part of marriage ceremonies this fruit symbolizes above all great fruition and fertility.

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Written by :: Michelle Marriott :: Social Media & Marketing Manager for LWPO

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