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This ethereal herb has an array of healing benefits for hair, skin and the digestive system. Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis) is a demulcent meaning it soothes irritated, inflamed, or injured skin, it is emollient which lends to the softening and smoothing of the skin, and it is vulnerary which aids in the healing and treatment of wounds. This gorgeous root that often looks as it is from a fantasy novel is filled with incredible healing power, and we source ours from a stunning Biodynamic farm in Sebastopol, CA. The farmer here is truly an angel, and is a hovering white light of protection over her land. The plants we get from this farm are always our favorite; they sing with vibrancy and life. This particular farm even has an education element, where schools and classes often visit her to learn the importance of biodynamic farming. This farm’s Marshmallow is a long twisty-turny root, which we grind down ourselves. Getting this root from our Sebastopol farm is a beautiful thing because she takes great care to keep the plant healthy and thriving, and only rationing off part of the root for us. When does this way its actually very healthy for the plant, instead of just killing the plant for the root which is what is done in mass-produced farming.


Marshmallow is a feminine plant ruled by the element of water, the moon or Venus and Libra or Cancer. It is associated with Althea, Aphrodite, and Venus. It is said that this magical root was often used in love and fertility spells. Marshmallow is also a protective and cleansing herb. It is often burned like sage to cleanse a space. The leaves and flowers have often been steeped in oil and used as an anointing oil to protect from bad spirits. Marshmallow has also throughout history been used during departing rituals when someone has passed. It is thought that planting marshmallow near, or on the grave site is an honor to those who have passed on. This plant has a rich history and an arsenal of healing benefits. We are very fond of this beautiful root and you can find it in many of our products.  Gentle Mask, Almond Rose Exfoliant, Unburden Serum, Detox Mask, and the Lavender Lip Treatment to name a few!

Written by: Michelle Gerrard-Marriott :: Social Media Manager for Laurel Skin

Organic Marshmallow root, Chamomile, Oats, Almonds.


  1. What a beautiful post! I absolutely love learning more about your next-level-conscious sourcing and the farmers who so magnificently tend to their plants. And the folklore is so intriguing! Thank you so much for sharing.
    With deep gratitude,

    1. Sara,

      We are so glad you are enjoying the Ingredient Spotlights! We love sharing about our plants, they are the magic that helps us create our skincare line. The folklore always inspires us and intrigues us. We are so glad you feel the same way! Sending lots of love your way.
      – Laurel xo

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