“calendula strengthens the heart exceedingly.”
― Nicholas Culpepper

Skin Benefits

This bright sunshine flower is an arsenal of skin loving nourishment. Calendula is a deeply healing ingredient. If you apply calendula flower oil to your cuts, scrapes, bruises, and insect bites, you can quickly speed the healing process, partially due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil, in addition to the unique antioxidant compounds found in this miraculous plant. By protecting against infections, calendula oil keeps wounds and scrapes safe, allowing them to rapidly heal. Aside from stimulating healing, calendula oil can significantly enhance and restore the appearance of our skin. It can affect blood flow to the skin cells, provide antioxidant protection that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and ages spots, and even the visibility of scars. We absolutely love calendula and it we source ours from an incredible local farm not far from the studio. A key ingredient in our Recovery Balm, Calendula is a botanical we utilize to add deep healing to our products.


Ancient Egyptians used calendula to rejuvenate and restore their gorgeous skin. Greeks and Romans used it as a culinary garnish, and it is still used often in culinary cuisines as it is a stunning edible flower to include in many dishes. In ancient, as well as modern India, calendula is often strung into garlands for weddings and religious rituals. Powers of protection and prophecy have been attributed to calendula. Sprinkling calendula blooms under your bed was said to offer you protection from robbers and thieves and to induce prophetic dreams if you had been robbed, helping you to identify the culprit. When dealing with the law, it was considered wise to carry a bit of calendula in your pocket to ensure a positive outcome. Bathing in calendula infusion was thought to give one a healthy, sunshine glow that could be seen by all!

We encourage all of you to find your favorite edible flower or herb and utilize it more in your daily lives! Nature truly is the best healer! xo

Recovery Balm
Recovery Balm from Laurel Skin- Organic Calendula



  1. Calendula is one of my favorites! It always helped me with acne when I was younger, and now with redness.

    Beyond gorgeous photography!!!

    1. It is such an amazing bloom! Thank you for your sweet words and we are so glad that Calendula has helped you! xo

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