ingredient spotlight + folklore : BLACK PEPPER

Soul Benefits

Black Pepper is spicy, earthy and incredibly grounding. It has an uncanny ability to create strength and endurance to express yourself freely. It builds up our own internal voice and allows us to remain calm and centered as we express it to the world.

History + Folklore

Black pepper has been grown in Southern India for over two thousand years. Pepper has been associated with magical qualities, is ruled by the male dominant Mars, and is represented by the fire element, spicy fire, we agree. Wearing peppercorns close to your body was thought to free one from envious thoughts and protect against evil.  In Asia, black pepper is considered a powerful medicinal plant useful in supporting healthy aging, liver detoxification, circulation, and digestion and is thus a prominent healing herb traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.  It effects the stomach and large intestine meridians and also helps herbs like Turmeric absorb more readily within the body!

We love the addition of Black Pepper in our Anointing Oil- Spiritual Warrior as it marries perfectly with Palo Santo, Marjoram, and Plumeria. A soothing and healing scent that will wrap you in warmth.

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